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It’s been a while since the last time I featured a SundayTV post, and I thought this is a good time for you to ask three questions to yourself. ;-)

So, here’s Jim Rohn with 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself:


Oh, and really do ask those questions and, more importantly, give honest […]

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According to our Dear Matt Mullenweg and/or Andrew Nacin, there’s one new blog created each and every second (among other interesting things). Yes, that’s 60 new blogs per minute, 3,600 new blogs per hour, 86,400 new blogs per day.

Captivating stat. Yet my guess is that 99% of them don’t know how […]

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Do you track Click-Through Rates (CTRs) in your AutoResponder using one of those obscure tracking URLs they generate? They look pretty much like so:……

What does that imply in some of your subscribers’ mind?

“That guy/garl is observing whether or not I clicked on that link.”

Do you agree that there are […]

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When starting to build your Internet business, you might be wondering about the difference between building a Web site and a blog exactly, and why the differentiation in the first place?

On a Web site and on a blog, you are going to have content all geared to promoting something to an end consumer. The […]

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