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I boiled it down to three videos, but had to decide upon one for today’s SundayTV show. Napoleon Hill made the cut.

YES, the below video is of Napoleon Hill! :-)

You certainly know him; he’s the author of Think and Grow Rich.

Here we go…

All of what he says is so profound, […]

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I avoid watching television 99% of the time. The 1% I do watch are very interesting documentaries about countries, places or cultures, or some movies with actors or actresses I really love seeing.I feel very sorry for those sitting 4-8 hours PER DAY in front of that box, throwing valuable time of […]

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Do you buy Internet business related products for education or for entertainment?

I figured there are two kinds of people in the Internet Marketing world… those who buy products that educate them and bring their Internet business to the next level, and those who buy products […]

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Just got off listening to Terry Dean’s recent interview. It’s awesome; you better listen to it, too.

The 59:28 minutes are jam packed with good, solid advice. He’s mainly talking about building a relationship with your e-mail list (something I really and still need to improve, so his […]

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Many of us, me included, have encountered times in our life where we became slow in getting something done. We are working on a project every day and it seems, somehow, we do not proceed in the way we intended to. What’s the cause? Why is […]

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Law Of Attraction?

On January 9, 2008 By

Law of Attraction? Yup. Today’s post on Jason Mangrum’s blog inspired me to write a bit about the Law of Attraction and my take on it.

When I was a failure and living with just a couple hundred German Marks (received […]

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Would you like to increase the Alexa Ranking of your Web site? I did it myself a couple times already, and once again just recently.

Two weeks ago on December 24, 2007, the Alexa Ranking of this domain,, was below 3,000,000. Today, its one-week […]

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Think you cannot write? Wanna know how to overcome writer’s block? Here’s a test I did just today in order to write this very article here…

When I was downloading files of a demo video in order to watch it offline at a later time, I took a look […]

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