It was back in May 2003 when I lost my “so secure” employment. I used to be a Sales Manager for an internationally operating French chemical Company selling glue and silicon products in the Key Account Management.

The company’s management decided to get rid of about 70% of their sales people and Sales Managers. Within two days me and the others have been informed.

Although being among the Top 5 Executives, I was among those who had to leave (did not have kids or a mortgage to pay; hence, I was independent).

In other words, I was free to find a new job.

That week in 2003 literally changed my life to the better (although it took a few weeks for me to realize that).

For seven years, I enjoyed my life in sunny Brazil. It was in 2006 (after the FIFA World Cup 2006) when I moved from Germany to Brazil and lived close to the beach with endlessly relaxing 30°C / 86°F all year (refreshing breezes of wind from the ocean included).

And for eleven years (2005-2016), I produced promotional and instructional videos for a renown Canadian Internet Marketing company.

Nowadays, I own and operate two niche websites.

Why this blog here?

I felt the urge to give back what I learned over the years working online. Using this blog, I’ll provide tutorials, first hand experiences, products and guidance to boost your Internet business and bring it to the next level.

My best,
Marcus Hochstadt


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