You are MUCH more worth than you thinkToday I was reading a thread in an Internet business forum where they were talking about whether a particular advertising opportunity is worth to implement into your Internet business or not.

It is kind of a community thing. You place a snippet of code into your blog and give others the opportunity to advertise on that piece of virtual real estate. It is quasi the opposite of Google’s AdSense program because you yourself assign the amount of dollars that are necessary to accept advertisements.

I don’t know all the details, nor am I going to disclose the company I’m talking about. It is not important for making my point across anyway. (Some of you may have a clue by now though. ;-)

What I do want to talk about is your Net worth…

Yes, we’re talking business; Internet business to be exact.

What do you think are you worth monetarily? $0.01 per day? 0.02 per day? Or perhaps a whopping $1.00 per day? Wow, $1.00 per day… that would make it a huge $365 per year! That amount would cover administrative costs such as hosting, excellent.

The question, my friend, is not if you make enough money to “cover administrative cost.” The question you shall ask yourself is whether you are enjoying financial freedom with the amount you are earning. And, yes, whether it fits with the monetary picture you have about yourself.

Let’s face it…

I’m well aware of the fact that most small business entrepreneurs think way too small about themselves and their Internet business capabilities. They see how much the “big guys” are making (or how much is promoted <ahem>,) then they remember the balance of their own bank account and see that as being their own monetary value, sort of.

Perhaps a bit different but you get the point…

What I mean is you are more, MUCH more worth than you think.

You are more, MUCH more worth than you think.

I am sure that you are more, MUCH more worth than you think.

Am I crazy repeating it three times? No.

Well, maybe… I just learned in NLP that it’s a powerful technique to repeat a vital statement three times in a row. The message becomes stronger and sinks in more easily.

And I mean what I said above.

You are more, MUCH more worth than you currently think you are.

Think of all the things you know that others don’t but would like to. You have lots of skills and knowledge that others are begging for.

Create a Web site around that theme! Do the proper research. Find profitable keywords and develop your site’s blueprint. Interview and/or film experts in your field. Offer these recordings as a product (i.e., course or seminar) on your site. Your target market would run uphill to have them.

Think big.

Improve your self-esteem.

The knowledge you have, your experiences, and all that what you know is worth a LOT more than a mere Dollar a day.

Food for thought?

—Marcus Hochstadt

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6 Responses to You Are MUCH More Worth Than You Think

  1. Lunatic says:

    Good post – Good points. I’m a newbie to ‘larger’ blogging. I used to do some thing on Yahoo 360 [Practice?] ….. for leisure. I got to thinking about the ‘BIG GUYS’ and decided I wanted to join in on the racket err.. fun.

    I know nothing about Keywords for Google Adsense. I found one that seems to work a little “Tarot” LOL!. This is something I do need to learn [along with a lot of other things]… my blog right now is starting
    s-l-o-w for a reason. Getting things I need together is biding most of my time right now.

    Think big, think large, think “I’m doing ok’. ~Loved.

    You know what? You’re loved!

  2. Thanks for stepping by, Lunatic, and thanks for your words.

    Know what, patience and persistence ultimately rules the day. Not speed but to actually move is important.

    As for the “AdSense keywords”, stay tuned… ;-)

  3. Bendz says:

    Nice article. I know what you’re talking about and I think you’re right. I’ll try to consider this post as on of the bedrocks of my new site.

  4. Do that, Bendz. Especially those getting started with blogging often make the mistake of offering their virtual real estate for pennies.

    First, establish yourself in your niche and provide high value content on a regular basis. Once you receive at least 50 unique visitors per day you can start thinking of monetization. But then, again, think big—bigger than in pennies anyway.

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