A great way to market your Internet business is to please your visitors with excellent content and make them stay & browsing your site.

Duh! Nothing new, right?

Still, up to now some of you may have only been concentrating on pleasing mainly the search engines spiders. If yes, well, then it’s time to adjust your strategy. Why? Because no matter how many search engine spiders visit your site, not one of them is going to buy anything, or click on any of the monetization links on your site.

Don’t neglect spiders, though. You do need both people and spiders finding your site. Yet you’ll want to increase word of mouth and have visitors come back for more over and over again.

The way to attract both is to have great content on your pages. Duh! (again)

So, here are five ways to market your site using content…

1. Include high quality content that’s relevant to your site.

Content is king!

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? Of course… because it’s true.

The job of search engines is to locate relevant content. They love plain text and videos that are of high quality. They can’t read image or flash files. So add lots of text and videos.

In addition, visitors will only stay if they are interested in what you offer and begin reading and/or watching.

If your site is about business consulting, don’t have content about environment conservation. This only repels visitors, as they get upset that they aren’t getting what they came for, information about business consulting.

Stay focused and on topic.

2. Ensure your content is easy to understand.

To interest visitors, your message must come across in your text and/or video. If in a conversational style, all the better. Just don’t try and use fancy, intellectual terms within your writing if you’re not used to that lingo. How many times have you visited a website and found the content is so difficult to understand that you simply never returned?

Websites are really all about people. You not only want to make a good first impression, but you want to engage visitors, entertain them, and/or enlighten them. You do this with real communication, not just words thrown out there, trying to impress. If you’re not communicating on the level of your audience, it will turn them off.

Your marketing message should come across as believable, convincing, and “you.”

3. Write exciting and creative content that makes visitors want to stay and explore.

If you want to completely turn off all visitors, just add content that is totally boring and dull.

Don’t drone on and on… saying the same thing over and over again. If you can say it in 300 words, say it. Don’t add another 200 words just to meet any questionable “posting guideline.”

Get creative in your copy. Write in an attractive style and stick to your own individual attitude and style. If you write some interesting articles to include on your site — topics that you know would be of interest to your visitors — you’ll find they will stay and browse longer, and will be more likely to purchase or click on those money making links.

And remember, the content must, must, must be original. If it’s copied & pasted from other sites, or you post an idea that’s initially from another person or site and you don’t attribute it in your copy, both search engines and visitors will click the back button in their browser and won’t return.

4. Avoid typos.

Avoid typos and errors in grammar and punctuation as best as you can.

Certainly you’ve visited a site or even received some type of advertisement in the mail that contained spelling errors or was written badly. It can be distracting to your message.

I mean, I myself have typos all the time as English is my second language. Though I think I’ve learned & improved quite a lot over the years. Still, if in doubt, use one of the many spell checking services available online. (Can’t find the one I used to use though.)

5. Ensure keyword phrases flow naturally within the content.

Take whatever extra effort needed to limit the use of keywords in your copy. If tons of keywords are randomly thrown in, it will seem obvious to readers that you are not writing for them but for search engines. As a result, the text usually doesn’t flow or read well.

Make sure all keywords and keyword phrases fit into the text so they are hardly noticeable.

As for keyword density, about 1 to 3 percent should suffice.

If I write content myself, I let my creativity flow and write the whole content up first, all the while dismissing any rules and formalities. When I’m done I go through the text two more times to do my spell check and then my “SEO check” (or vice versa).

Bottom line?

Use exciting and targeted content on your site in plain text and/or video format to attract both humans and search engines.

Stay focused. Be cool. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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45 Responses to 5 Ways To Market Your Site

  1. Graham says:

    In regards to keyword density, I’ve heard some people say it should be like 3 to 5% – so 4% is the ideal? What do you think about that?

    • For me, up to 3% is enough, but occasionally I might go crazy and end up with 4%.

      • Bruno Babic says:

        Hi Marcus, I am really grateful to you for sharing with us such an insightful and invaluable piece of information that’s particularly encouraging for myself as somebody who, believe or not, has painfully and embarrassingly struggled to start making money online since 2005.

        Having gone through my 7 year long hurting drama of trying to figure out how to make money online, I must tell you that you now have made me feel much more confident and knowledgeable on how to go about marketing and driving more traffic to my newly created blog.

        Please, feel free and welcome to visit my first ever personal blog and leave your comments there.

        In advance many thanks.

        Bruno Babic

    • I’ve had negative effects happen to my blog when i went over 4% then when I took some of the keyword out til I was under 4% my blog when up in rank after a day or 2

    • Karen says:

       To be honest, I don’t worry about keyword density. I just write for the viewers and the search engines seem happy with that!

      • R Burton says:

        I agree. I put the keyword in the title, first and last paragraph and that’s it. I just write as long or briefly as it takes to say what I have to say to get my message across.

        It seems to me that visitor value is as important to the search engines as the keywords.

  2. Ariautomo says:

    I try to create articles with keywords that much sought. equally important are links to sites that have similar content.

  3. rio armanda says:


    i’ll do it

    thanks for the lesson :)

  4. im new in blogging that’s why im still looking for the best way on how i can improve my site and i guess i found something in here that can help me a lot…thanks for sharing this one…

  5. Poor grammar and punctuation on sites is a pet peeve of mine. I had no idea English was not your first language! You write very well, better than most native English speakers. For all you grammar geeks out there, I recommend a very funny book called “The Great Typo Hunt”.

  6. how the video will help seo? Do search engines ‘parse’ video and extract content? Do you mean YouTube video or this is applied to every video that you have uploaded only to your site?

  7. Fancy Dress says:

    It still shocks me how people expect people to visit their sites and return when they don’t add any new content or depend on low quality articles to entice new hits.
    Ican’t stand typos either especially when so many website editors include spell checkers!

  8. seoranking says:

    Content really is a king. Its your major key to market your site on the web. Though most of bloggers nowadays tend to rely on automatic spinner which often makes the content trash, there are also others who write contents by heart to share with all other people who needed such information. I really admire these kind of people. I hope others will follow.

  9. Damhogi says:

    My mantra is “write for people first, seo second”. You can never go wrong with that. Ultimately what Google wants to do is provide a searcher with the best possible outcome.

  10. Dawn Conklin says:

    Great post Marcus! So true about the typos.  I would say that it depends on the typos, but sometimes it can appear that the writer doesn’t really know what they are claiming to know.  I try to overlook other’s typos but it does depend on them.  If it looks like somebody is just having a hard time with the English language, I am quite accepting of that (tho some people are not.)  If it looks like somebody just threw a bunch of words up there and have the “text message” lingo, then it is hard to take them seriously.
    You did an awesome job with English, I would not have guessed by your post that it is your second language if you didn’t tell us.

  11. Robert Sharp says:

    I have tried using key words and they work great, the only problem that i see is that it will only target certain audience members. although it is a great technique that works well.

  12. Rick herns says:

    When I started freelancing several years ago, I made a website and waited for my inbox to explode with messages from potential clients. After receiving nothing but spam from the contact form, I told my family and classmates (at my university) about my endeavor, and within a couple of weeks I was receiving an e-mail every couple of weeks from a prospective client. Several of my clients started referring me to their friends and colleagues, which led to even more leads. While my actual website had very little traffic, the business was sustainable because of word-of-mouth marketing and real-world networking.

  13. Jeff says:

    Thanks Marcus. Good article. I appreciate it.

  14. Actually, this is perhaps the five most important things which must be reckoned with.  For me personally the most important think is to publish quality content. Do not copy – never!

  15. techni says:

    Pretty informative post. Marketing is very important for every business. High quality content on any site will give a reason to visitor  to stay on site. and user will again come back to website. 
    Thanks for sharing great article.

  16. yes…
    from this article i knew that my blog has lot of typos!!
    from now i will avoid those all mistakes!!
    thank you…

  17. Anirudh says:

    For my Blog 3% to 4% Keyword Density is enough , i Think  . Thanks for the post .

  18. Rizwan Khan says:

    wow ! That’s Awsome :)

  19. Naomi says:

    Thanks admin, very useful infomation. . . . . . .

    i am new on seo and helping me alot, this is valuable for me……

  20. Aditi Datta says:

    Great post and great tips given. I hope this tips definitely going to help us. I truly agree with the second point that content should be written in a simple language which can be easily understood by all. Also the content should contain exciting matters which would definitely keep all its visitors. This is all I think about writing a good content. Anyway, this psot is also very informative and I completely agree with it. Thanks once again for sharing such an informative post with us.

  21. I think we should not worry about keyword density. As long as we write the article naturally. If you write long articles, keyword density should not be a problem.

    But if you ask me the ideal keyword density. I must 1.5% – 2% is very safe.

  22. Stanley Rao says:

    key words do play an important role, but then if you focuss on the key words then the article you are writing would not come out well and it would not be of any help. so while writing i feel keywords should not be given any importance

  23. sujit says:

    I believe, here is the main 5 most important points which usually have to be thought with. For me personally the biggest feel is to submit quality intake.

  24. Arga Klara says:

    Yep, there are no shortcuts really. This works (and I hate when people can’t spell!).

  25. Thanks Marcus Hochstadt for sharing some important tips. It is very informative to me and I am totally agree with you.

  26. this is a helpful for any website.

  27. just thanks for your article. this very helpful for every body.

  28. a great article have contain in this website. i am every day reader in this site.

  29. Internetiturundus says:

    Very good article, thank you for sharing this. Hope my site flies skyhigh =)

  30. This is very helpful site,also i am regular visit this site.

  31. Great! All the tips are very effective. If who properly marketing his site he must follow this tips.

  32. Bruno Babic says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Awesome post! I’d just like to emphasize the importance of writing about the things that we are wholeheartedly passionate about and truly believe in because that way we’ll definitely manage to build that necessary likeability and trust with our visitors, attract and keep their attention and also make them want to get more from us.

    Thank you.

    Bruno Babic

  33. http//aninternetbusinessmadeea says:

    Great post, especially the bit about the importance of good relevant content.

  34. Top Pictures says:

    4% is perfect, but we have count words from source code.

  35. Jan Merrifield says:

    I am interested in
    looking for more of such topics and would like to have further information.
    Hope to see the next blog soon.

  36. Program Apotek says:

    Great Post.. :)

  37. Nick Walker says:

    Great post Marcus. I have just started blogging myself and these tips were really useful. I have heard that content is king a lot recently, and to me it certainly makes more sense to write for your readers rather than for Google algorithm fads. Your English is great by the way. I wouldn’t have known is was your second language! :-)

  38. Haklu says:

    Good post. Great quality, original content is what make any website to survive on search engine.

  39. Matt says:

    Great post. Content is the driving force of engaging your visitors. I also think an often overlooked aspect of marketing your site is the web design itself. Design can actually steer your visitors into completing a certain task.

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