I had the pleasure to talk with James about article marketing in one of our conversations and his take on it. He taught me that 99% approach article marketing the wrong way. He said “they follow what all the forum junkies talk about.”

James went a big step ahead of that crowd and created his own product called Artemis Pro. It is an article submission software which gives an instant 1,875% boost to your article marketing efforts. The interesting part of that is it does not work with the popular e-zine article sites or the like. It works with real unique publishers that are highly interested in your articles. And this software works with a so called internal and an external publisher list.

Artemis Pro comes with a built-in list of legitimate publishers. The goal, however, is to build your own huge external list of tens of thousands of publishers. We can do that on our own by going to Google and searching for publishers and compiling them to a list, we can outsource that task (certainly the smarter way), or we can purchase an external list of someone who performed that task already.

James recommends a CD with a unique external list of 1,000 publishers from one of his companions right now on his blog in an 24 hour special; it cost a mere $30 instead of $100! I highly recommend you get that CD too as it will save you a bunch of time and money, and boost your article marketing efforts even more.

—Marcus Hochstadt

3 Responses to A Different Way Of Approaching Article Marketing

  1. Rob says:

    This sounds interesting, but I am curious about something. James refers to “the folks at Libertad Pura” as if this company is just some unrelated customer of his.

    However, I noticed that “Libertad Pura” is actually registered to his personal driver, Francisco. I doubt his driver would be running a successful internet business. My guess is this is actually James’ own business, right?

    I really don’t understand why he has this separate entity that he makes out to be different from him, if he owns and controls it. He previously said that “Libertad Pura” was the first “licensee” of Glyphius 2008. So I guess what really is happening is that nobody took up his offer to pay him $100,000 to sell it, and he is saving his face this way and still selling it himself, even though he claims not to be.

    Anyway, it just seems very strange. I don’t know what to make of it.

    I will say though that Glyphius 2008 is way too expensive. 300 euros is just crazy.

    But, I like your videos though Marcus! How about interviewing some additional people in the online world? That would be very interesting.

  2. Adam Kirby says:

    It will be interesting to see how this pans-out. Right now I use ArticleMarketer, and they do a fantastic job, but getting independent publishers would be a nice bonus.

  3. Mr MultiVar says:

    The “forum junkies” concept is very dated I think. Now there are plenty of great tips from bloggers that are sharing the knowledge of what worked for them.

    I actually think that they are lonely working from home and get a kick out of helping people rather than the old school marketers that are trying to milk every last cent from newbies.

    Now there are new ways to make money online that didn’t exist a few years ago. So avoiding the blogs of the new people that have good stuff to share is like burying your head in the sand I think.

    p.s. it would help if you explained what a publisher is in the context of those in a list of 1000 such publishers and provide an example or 2 of how the article is presented after publication.

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