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You build a Web site in order to attract visitors to it, right? You want them to get excited, read through the content, and to do your Most wanted Response. Why then do I see so many doing the following five mistakes over and over again… atrocities that make them […]

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Aaron Anderson’s blog is going up like crazy. I’m amazed. I’m stunned. I love people that take action like turbo speed. Incredible.

I first noticed his blog when I stumbled upon James Brausch’s “retired blog” (was December 2007) when he honored Aaron’s […]

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How often do we use the word “try”? Things like…

“Thanks; I’ll try that.”

“Let’s try this out and see how it works.”

“You better try this instead of that.”

How does “to try” work? Here’s an example…

Try to grab a glass of water with your right hand. It’ll […]

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Isn’t it funny… I used to be a TV junkie, but for the past five to six years I refuse watching TV 99% of the time. Can you imagine how much time I save? It’s incredible!

My lovely wife is just not that far yet. When she spent three […]

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I’ve spent two hours playing Frisbee on the beach today. Sport is, generally, something I do find attractive. It is not only healthy, it also gives me the opportunity to train my brain.

Today, my friend David (who currently lives here in sunny Brazil too, just a couple […]

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Leading By Example

On January 15, 2008 By

As I learned over time, you do best to the world when you lead by example. Some people are concerned about what would other people think once they became rich. The question shall not be what other people think, but what do you contribute so people can follow your example.

Is […]

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“My Concept Is The Best; My Concept Is The Best” — sound familiar?

How many top online marketers have you heard saying that phrase? Nothing against it, principally. Their concepts often even works.

I realized this in 2004, when I attended a seminar in Orlando, USA. […]

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On January 13, 2008 By

I boiled it down to three videos, but had to decide upon one for today’s SundayTV show. Napoleon Hill made the cut.

YES, the below video is of Napoleon Hill! :-)

You certainly know him; he’s the author of Think and Grow Rich.

Here we go…

All of what he says is so profound, […]

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