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“Nothing happens until something moves.”

I love this quote by Albert Einstein.

Were you ever wondering why your online business sucks? Oops, am I too straight? Why else are there so many people complaining they did “everything” but it doesn’t seem to work for “them?” Or why else do they seem to “try so […]

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Do you pay your business expenses wisely? Or like the headline indicates, would you like to travel the world for free (which is one opportunity that occurs when you pay your expenses wisely?)

I’m not talking about traveling from street to street by feet, but from continent to continent using an airplane, for example. […]

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Ever wished to tap the mind of an Internet business millionaire? Ever sought advice from someone who has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt; someone who shows you, step-by-doable-step, how to build a thriving online business that fires on all cylinders?

Do you want to bust loose from dependency and enjoy total […]

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It is often small things that make my day.

Today, for example, I was looking for an answer on how to leave a “trackback” (or how to do a trackback, if you prefer this description) to a post of another blog so it appears in the comment section of that particular blog post. (To which […]

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It has come the time for me to start a blog. I’ll be posting on a regular basis about the puzzle pieces necessary to build a thriving Internet business, and will also cover supplemental, related ramblings from time to time as well as create and offer a couple products; so check back often.

Who am […]

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