It were great two weeks in Costa Rica, I learned a lot, and we are happy to be back in our good ‘ol home at the beach in sunny Natal, Brazil.

There was a nice experience on our 18+ hours way. At the airport in Costa Rica, they told us our seats would have been canceled. You can imagine with which eyes we were staring at him, can’t you? And the check-in guy could experience the other side of my otherwise happy and very friendly wife. ;-) (After standing one hour there the guy could finally get us our boarding passes.)

Either way, there are lots of things to do now. How good it’s Sunday so we have some time to clean and fix the most important things.

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. Happy Easter! :-)

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6 Responses to Back Home…

  1. Happy Easter! But we don’t celebrate that over here. :p

    Whoah! One hour! What went wrong aye?

    I would not want to be that guy LOL.

    I reckon my Darling would be even more “friendlier” than your wife. ;)

    Hope to read about what you have learned from there soon. :)

  2. Hey Deimos, glad to see you around here, considering you yourself have lots of things to do, too.

    Well, although I’m more into Buddhism, I grew up with Christianity and therefore still remember and appreciate those very nice family celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

    Re the airport, we don’t know what exactly went wrong. We were just so tired that we were literally “enlightened” to finally have the boarding passes in hand (instead of sleeping on the floor LOL.)

    And re posting what I learned, this is for sure. By the way, I plan to publish that password protected post, including the answer to your question, this coming Friday.

    Take care!

  3. Marcus, glad to see your face around my domain too. :p

    Though I am pretty much a believer in Buddhism, I know a bit about Christianity – except that I can’t exactly remember the dates, except for Christmas which falls on 25 December every year! :D

    I did read up a couple of Bible stories when I was a kid though, i.e. Adam and Eve, Moses, the guy who never had a hair cut forget his name, was it Samson? etc.

    For the password protected post, I am going to get access to it, right? ;)

  4. elmo says:

    happy easter too, marcus!! ^^

  5. Deimos (and all others,)

    Those who are subscribed to the blog announcement list are going to receive the password to that post.

  6. Glad you enjoyed Costa Rica. Funny thing…Im actually planning a trip to Brasil soon also. ;) First however I would LOVE to see Machu Pichu.

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