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Carnival is one of the most important cultural and economical events in Brazil.

Brazil’s biggest television broadcaster, TV Globo, holds a contest every year to find the Musa do Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro (Muse of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro) — a Samba girl who best represents the Carnival in Rio. […]

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The time has come… the moment is there… you are eager to know what you’ve won…

What is the result of the stunning and one-of-a-kind Party Contest?

Let’s head over to the cozy lounge! Take a cup of your favorite drink (Champaign & confetti anyone?), […]

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The last day to participate in the huge Party Contest with prizes worth more than $7,000 and a giveaway of 66,666ec approaches fast. In other words, May 1st (the “Draw Day”) is VERY close!

Are you excited? Me too. :-) And so are our sponsors.

It is indeed a […]

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It’s The Party Contest!

Yesterday shall have been the day for my blog to break Alexa’s Top 50,000 rank, if… yeah, if Alexa wouldn’t have changed its ranking algorithm! LOL

While I was eagerly checking and waiting for my blog to break Alexa’s 50,000 […]

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Sponsoring Contests

On March 26, 2008 By

I’m just too tired…

Do you consider asking me whether I would contribute or sponsor your upcoming contest? It may happen I am willed to do that, though please keep the following in mind before ever asking me. It could save us a lot of valuable time…

Just recently, the following happened. One guy approached […]

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Remember I gave a free video site review to Fitz Villafuerte worth $700? Jason from asked me whether I would sponsor a prize for his upcoming “Ultimate Blog Contest.” I happily agreed.

Now is the kick off of the contest. What can you win?

Grand prizes worth $2,400+, including a video site review from […]

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