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Do you have big dreams? Do you know of people who have?

I know people with big dreams. Each and every single one of those dreams involves making a significant change in the way these people are currently living their lives.

Have you ever […]

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“If you build it, will they come?”

Don’t think just by creating a blog site or starting an Internet business that you will be like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. He built a baseball field and the players came… but that was a movie and this […]

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Drafting messages in order to publish them at a later time is a great way to save a bunch of time. You sit down one time, focus on writing, writing, writing, and then you’re done for a couple of days or even weeks.

I haven’t “completely” done this […]

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Not Enough Time?

On January 21, 2008 By

Occasionally, I see messages from folks complaining they would not have enough time to do this or to do that. They say their day would need to have a lot more hours than just 24 (say, 36 or 48) in order for them to accomplish the tasks that are on their […]

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I’ve spent two hours playing Frisbee on the beach today. Sport is, generally, something I do find attractive. It is not only healthy, it also gives me the opportunity to train my brain.

Today, my friend David (who currently lives here in sunny Brazil too, just a couple […]

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Many of us, me included, have encountered times in our life where we became slow in getting something done. We are working on a project every day and it seems, somehow, we do not proceed in the way we intended to. What’s the cause? Why is […]

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Would you like to increase the Alexa Ranking of your Web site? I did it myself a couple times already, and once again just recently.

Two weeks ago on December 24, 2007, the Alexa Ranking of this domain,, was below 3,000,000. Today, its one-week […]

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Think you cannot write? Wanna know how to overcome writer’s block? Here’s a test I did just today in order to write this very article here…

When I was downloading files of a demo video in order to watch it offline at a later time, I took a look […]

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