How to kill your business“Nothing happens until something moves.”

I love this quote by Albert Einstein.

Were you ever wondering why your online business sucks? Oops, am I too straight? Why else are there so many people complaining they did “everything” but it doesn’t seem to work for “them?” Or why else do they seem to “try so hard” but the money somehow always goes to somebody else? Look…

The world is full of great people. Many of them consistently show how to reach peak performance in whichever area they are an expert in. The problem though is that most folks nothing but worship to them. All they do is applaud to the accomplishments of these idols. But when you take a close look at these worshiping students they are kind of stuck in a vicious circle of wish-watch-wish-watch. What I mean by that?

They first wish to reach this or that goal they created for themselves (or someone did it for them, ouch!), but after a certain amount of time (days, hours, or even minutes) they’re back watching that TV show they NEVER missed up to now, or they’re back to that forum, chat room, or messenger talking hours and hours with others about something that doesn’t really bring them any further (in terms of Internet business.)

Many even state what they’re about to reach “soon” and what great goals they are after now. (Sounds familiar, huh? Now after New Years Day…)

Instead of shouting out what I plan to do, I’m rather someone who likes to announce something I just created or did; something that is available NOW (rather than “someday”.)

Bottom line, if you’re one of those wish-watch-wish-watchers you are on the right track of killing your online business (if it’s alive at all.) And more often than not, those people saying what they’re about to do or reach “very soon” seldom get to that point. That’s wishful thinking. Remember…

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

—Marcus Hochstadt

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  1. Lindsy says:

    I love that quote. Mostly one needs to move oneself mentally to be successful.

    Sometimes I feel like physically moving things is all I do! Dishes in sink, clothes in hamper, groceries in fridge, sort of thing.  Good to know its a law of the universe. :)

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