The (Internet) Life Of James BrauschThe end of the 24 hour special is very close… only 3 hours remaining.

I figured not all of you took a close look at the DVD cover at (by clicking on the green “Rotate Case” button in the upper left.) On the backside of it one can see a lot more of the topics covered on this particular DVD, The (Internet) Life Of James Brausch — From Homelessness To $160,000/Month.

So I thought it’s a good idea to list them all here on my blog now…

  • The time James Brausch got started on the Internet
  • How he lost $7.5 Million literally over night
  • How to get the right information from forums
  • Proper and profitable keyword research
  • SEO misconceptions (and his secret on getting #1 rankings)
  • Components of a successful sales letter
  • How James made $1.5 Million/year using affiliate marketing
  • How he sold two of his Web sites for $150,000 in 1.5 hours (which took him 4 hours each to build)
  • Article Marketing and what 99% do wrong
  • The crucial part in order to hire good ghostwriters
  • How James built a 100% automated Internet business (that he still profits from)
  • How to find the right business partners
  • The secret tip John Reese shared with James
  • The clever idea that brought James to develop Glyphius
  • What he did to get a float of visitors to his first blog
  • What his #1 Top Seller product is (and why)
  • How to set up payment subscriptions properly to maximize profits
  • And much, much more…

Obvioulsy, this DVD is jam packed.

Here is the link to order the DVD…

Until noon PST, $35 instead of $100.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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5 Responses to Only 3 Hours Remaining

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi Marcus, I was looking for a way to contact you and this was all I found…. Is the audio suppose to be as bad as it is on my JB disc or is mine an isolated incident? Thanks, Geoff

  2. Geoff says:

    Just a follow up, when played on a computer the interference is not heard. I will watch it there. Geoff

  3. Hi Geoff,

    Yes, the hot spring waterfall in the background can be a bit noisy. Maybe watching the video with a headset is better?

  4. Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise says:

    Today I received your Brausch DVD, Marcus.

    I know you are wondering what people will think about it, so here is my official verdict.

    Are you sitting down?

    Ok, the truth is…it is pretty good. Just wanted to give you some suspense. :)

    Anyway, at first, I was a little nervous, because it started off with a shakey camera. But that was very brief. Then it was nice and steady.

    You also did one thing that a lot of people don’t do that is very important to good interviews. You allowed your subject to talk most of the time without interruption. Believe me, I have bought many so-called guru products where the guru would not be quiet and let the knowledgeable person talk. So many points to you for that.

    I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this DVD.

    Also, the setting was perfect. In fact, it was very relaxing to hear that waterfall in the background. Now I want to visit Costa Rica. I hope it does not have any subliminal messages hidden in the waterfall sound, like, “Buy more from Marcus…buy more from Marcus…” I think maybe there is something like that in there, because I want the next DVD. Hurry up.

  5. Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise says:

    Just to add, the waterfall in the background was fine with me. No problem listening to or hearing the interview conversation (at least not with headphones). It is what I would expect from any “on location” interview (the various local sounds). It actually gave it a nice flavor and made it more interesting. Next time you can do it from inside the volcano, ha.

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