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It’s been quite a while the last time I was active within the huge Entrecard community. And I feel it’s time to connect with you all again.

To those who don’t know me or remember me dimly, my blog was the most popular among tens of thousands of blogs/websites in Entrecard a […]

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Just noticed my blog now belongs to the Top 100,000 sites worldwide according to Alexa. In the toolbar, it may still display the old 3-month average I posted yesterday, though on their Web site it shows the new 3-month average of 99,455!

This is […]

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Aaron Anderson’s blog is going up like crazy. I’m amazed. I’m stunned. I love people that take action like turbo speed. Incredible.

I first noticed his blog when I stumbled upon James Brausch’s “retired blog” (was December 2007) when he honored Aaron’s […]

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