Leadership - 10 Ways To Be A LeaderDale Carnegie’s books are gems and full of wisdom. Today I received an issue of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s newsletter available at fortunenow.com.

Up to now, I had twice the honour to meet Tom (once in Germany and once in Orlando, Florida, USA.) I highly recommend his newsletter, not only if you’re in Network Marketing.

In today’s issue, he gave a short quote of one of Dale Carnegie’s books on how to be a leader. Here we go…

  1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation.
  2. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly.
  3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.
  4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.
  5. Let the other person save face.
  6. Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement.
  7. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to.
  8. Use encouragement.
  9. Make the fault easy to correct.
  10. Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.

~Dale Carnegie (1888–1955)

Although I’m not necessarily aiming for leadership (rather freedomship and mentorship,) the above 10 bullets are worth to be considered and followed, aren’t they?

I mean, when aiming for mentorship you may not agree with all of them, but to be a good leader, in my eyes, require the above 10.

Food for thought?

—Marcus Hochstadt

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6 Responses to 10 Ways To Be A Leader

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Tackett

  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Chris. Much appreciated!

    I just stepped by and find that you offer good direct marketing advice on your blog. Keep it up, too! :-)

  3. Some great tips there. I really enjoy reading Dale Carnegie’s books. I always get a feeling of “hey, I know this!”, but the thing is, it is so common sense, hiding in plain sight. Your excellent post today reminds me yet again :)

  4. Yeah, it’s great to be reminded of the terrific wisdom available in great books. And, as you said, high value is often to be found in the simplest tools; or in those things that have been taught over and over again. We just need to act upon them.

    And a popular quote like the one above makes us remember essential steps.

  5. Gerri says:

    This is a good post. The points you have listed are so nice and simple but they could make a very big impact. I like 6 and 8 the most. I know from my own experience that praise and encouragement does a lot to boost the morale of a team.

  6. Thanks, Gerri.

    I like also # 7 and 10. I am grateful for the comments I receive on my blog, and yours is outstanding. (See?)

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