E-mail & RSS - A Magical List Building ApproachE-mail & RSS – A Magical List Building Approach

Discover Guaranteed Methods For Dramatically Increasing Subscriber Lists

“The Money Is In The List” – Ever heard that? Sure you did…

Besides, many of the big names in our industry consistently advertise to increase the subscriber base because it would be easier to promote something to them rather than to a bounce rate.

This may be true… If you’ve successfully built a relationship with them in the first place, that is.

Imagine having a list of 100,000 subscribers, but only a fraction of them, say 0.1%, care about you and what you have to offer; how much is it worth? See?

The goal is to have a motivated and responsive “fan base,” people who subscribe because they want to.

“And how do we build such a fan base?”

Glad you asked. :-) The answer is on DVD, where I was talking with James about his approach in detail so you can apply his techniques to your own Internet business and substantially increase your “fan base.”

Oh yeah, and since I personally connect the word “list” also with RSS, we were talking about feeds and FeedBurner, too.

Now, because it’s Friday and the weekend is very close, I’m going to release the DVD today as a 72 hour special. So…

Until Monday 28th, noon time (PDT, or GMT -7,) you get E-mail & RSS – A Magical List Building Approach for $35. After this 72 hour special the price will go up to $100.

Here is the link to order the DVD…


—Marcus Hochstadt

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