The last day to participate in the huge Party Contest with prizes worth more than $7,000 and a giveaway of 66,666ec approaches fast. In other words, May 1st (the “Draw Day”) is VERY close!

Are you excited? Me too. :-) And so are our sponsors.

It is indeed a contest with a win-win-win situation.

If you thought about whether or not to enter, think again. Entering is sooo easy (go to the Party Contest page and see for yourself how easy it is,) and it looks like everyone wins something. But…

The longer you wait the higher the chances that someone else grabs your prize (i.e., by receiving two prizes)! Wouldn’t that be disappointing? Seeing someone else receiving the prize that you would have gotten if, yeah if you just would have entered the Party Contest?

So stop thinking and start acting—NOW! Before it’s too late and you start eating your desk… ;-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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5 Responses to Party Contest Deadline Approaches!

  1. bunny says:

    WoOt! Can’t wait!!

  2. Hi Marcus,

    I joined in last April 20 and I am the 101th commenter. I am really very excited about it as it is fast approaching.

    However, I just want to make sure that my entry was submitted and qualified.

    If you do not mind, pls. acknowledge by replying to my comment here.

    Thank you.

  3. danandmarsh says:

    I’m so excited this is such a hoppin’ party!!

  4. [someone else grabs your prize (i.e., by receiving two prizes)]

    You are saying that there are more prizes than contestants? O_O

  5. Mirjam says:

    Looking forward to the outcome and see who catches the prize they hoped for! Plus… out of curiousity, hope you will do a follow up on what the contest has brought you ;)

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