Review: Aaron Anderson's LaborLiberator.comAaron Anderson’s blog is going up like crazy. I’m amazed. I’m stunned. I love people that take action like turbo speed. Incredible.

I first noticed his blog when I stumbled upon James Brausch’s “retired blog” (was December 2007) when he honored Aaron’s there. I forgot about it for a bit but am now following his blog almost every day and put his RSS feed into my NewsFox reader.

You know, I’m fairly new to all this blogging stuff. I feel like an alien in the blogosphere, and my knowledge of PHP is in the minus section (i.e., under zero.) Although I do have some HTML and CSS knowledge, I was a plain dump when I fist visited and downloaded the free package.

“Famous 5-minute installation” they say; ah yeah, sure! 5 minutes… *pfff*

It took me more than five DAYS!

Not because of WordPress though. After many nights I figured out it was because my old host did not support the “mode_rewrite” module in their Apache server. Sounds Chinese, I know. In plain English, I couldn’t run the blog the way I wanted, so I had to move everything from Germany to a host in the US.

OK, as you can see I’m over the first hurdles and my blog is up and running the way it should be (for now.)

There are still a ton of things on my to-do list though. One of them is was subscribing to Entrecard in order to see if my results will be different to Aaron’s. “What’s Entrecard” you ask?

It is basically an online service where you exchange business cards by visiting blogs that are part of the Entrecard community. The more blogs you visit and leave your card, and the more are visiting yours and dropping their card, the more points you’ll earn, and the more visitors you’ll receive.

And you’ll get to see really excellent blogs that you probably would not find otherwise!

It is not my intent to give you a full-blown review just yet—too early. I’m going to do that once I have enough data, OK? (Aaron reported 308 new visitors in 6 days due to Entrecard.)

Stay tuned for my report folks; perhaps I can beat him (at least in THAT small area, Aaron… ;-)

And make sure to check out Aaron Anderson’s blog. He offers very helpful tips that are spot on.

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. Aaron, there is no spot providing a Trackback URI. Hope you receive my wink though. (Yeah I know, newbie worries.)

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4 Responses to Aaron Anderson’s

  1. INconstantIN says:

    Yes, Entrecard is great! I also had more than 100 unique visitors in one day, so it really works!!!

    OffTopic: I really like your blog. Would you consider exchanging links with me? My address is INconstantIN’s Blog. Thanx!

  2. Thanks Marcus! I really appreciate the review.

    And for reminding me about the Trackback URI thing. Actually I wasn’t sure if trackbacks would come through or not either until I trackbacked myself, lol. But they did so I kind of put it on the backburner and got caught up working on other stuff.

    Since you’re new to WordPress here a little tip about keeping your wordpress installation up to date. There’s a couple plugins floating around that will update your blog with one click. That way you don’t have to go to the wordpress site, download it, unzip it, upload it, etc. Here’s the one I use:

    Thanks again Marcus!

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  4. @ inconstantin: Thank you very much for your “ad.” You’re my first partner in this venture. :-)

    There are no plans that I do reciprocal Blogroll linking. Let’s see if I’ll link to you someday.

    @ Aaron, you’re quite welcome.

    And thanks much for the tip. Yes, it’s a bit of a pain to download, unzip, upload, etc. I’ll test InstantUpgrade the next time and see how it works.

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