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It’s now almost three weeks ago when I installed Deep Freeze on my machine. Time for a review.

I stumbled upon Deep Freeze via James’ retired blog when he talked about computer security and how it affects our Internet business and can become a pain. He recommended a […]

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Ever heard of FeedBurner? Stupid question, huh…

It seems as if the majority of bloggers use FeedBurner to distribute and track the use of their RSS feeds.

Every day I come across blogs showing off the neat little counter proudly displaying how many subscribers they have, just like so…

Here is the thing […]

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Since Google recently opened the gates for its Website Optimizer to a wider audience, and because we have a paid alternative called MuVar for quite a while, I figured it’s time to compare both programs and see which one brings greater returns in terms of […]

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Larry Brauner is an expert when it comes to Social Networking. That hit me the first moment I found him through Entrecard.

He just published a video replaying his August 8, 2007 conference call covering the difference between social networking and advertising.

Very interesting. Check it out…

Way […]

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Video Site Review

On February 25, 2008 By

I’ve come to the end of the Video Site Review of

Fitz, you already got my e-mail with the link to your video package (3 videos – 160MB – 50:19 Min.) Enjoy watching and learning from them. :-)


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And The Winner Is…

On February 23, 2008 By

OK guys ‘n girls, the time has come… It’s noon Eastern (2 o’clock here in North-East Brazil.)

Wow, look at this… 24 entries!

It was a VERY tough task to pick a winner, really. There were so many interesting entries, most of which I’d so much love to see improved. […]

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On February 22, 2008 By

There are currently 22 submissions to the free site review.

I’m going to pick the lucky winner tomorrow at noon 12 P.M. Eastern. Yes, that means there are only 16 hours left!

I haven’t revealed it yet but the monetary value of my comprehensive site review is $700. Yes, it’s not a crap one. It […]

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Do you have a blog or a Web site? (OK, a blog actually is a Web site, isn’t it?)

Would you like to improve it? Would you like to get higher rankings at the Search Engines? Would you like to grow your Internet business? Would you like to […]

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