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I seek your help. :-)

I’d like to implement a plugin that sends e-mail notifications (or follow-up messages) to those commented on a blog article. Anyone knows of a plugin that works like a charm? Instead of testing and headaches, I’m more after using the collective wisdom […]

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New Face

On January 28, 2008 By

“Oops, is that a new site?” No, I just took the time and replaced the infamous WordPress standard template with a more professional looking one that is still light and fast loading (isn’t it?).

It’s not perfect yet though. Some spots are not behaving and looking the way I want.

I’ll play […]

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My blog’s RSS feed was crushed for a couple days. I was actually wondering why my NewsFox RSS reader couldn’t retrieve any new data from my feed. It was when I read Llama’s comment that I clicked on the RSS button myself and saw there was something wrong.

After […]

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I feel the urge to let you all know that when you comment on my blog, I follow. I thought you guys would figure it out, but I learned not everyone takes the time and looks into the source code. ;-)

It was one of the very first plugins I […]

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You build a Web site in order to attract visitors to it, right? You want them to get excited, read through the content, and to do your Most wanted Response. Why then do I see so many doing the following five mistakes over and over again… atrocities that make them […]

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