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It was when I visited my good friend, Daniel Levy, in Paris that I heard of the term CMS for the first time.

If you’re now wondering (like I was) what the heck CMS means and for what it should be good… outspoken it means Content Management System, and it can be useful […]

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When in search for a product or service to sell online (or off, for that matter), you must take some steps to get the perfect market (or some call it niche) that will have a high desirability in today’s marketplace. The public must want it! :-)

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Freebie Seekers

On July 4, 2008 By

Freebie seekers are those looking for free stuff. And who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? Everyone has tried at some time or another to enter those sites that offer free samples, free reports or e-books. Who hasn’t put their contact information into some form so they will be entered into a contest to win […]

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When running an Internet business, it’s important to maintain good business practices, just like when having an offline storefront establishment. The major difference in operating online is that you have a much larger market—and therefore potentially can do many times the business that you would be doing locally. All the more reason to keep your […]

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No, not mine, but I just visited a blog of someone I know and he has links in the sidebar to some of his products. When I clicked one of those links in order to visit that site (and to see the sales letter of that product), I was redirected to another domain which displayed […]

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So, you have this wonderful new idea for an Internet business—many have one—but web development and technology move at breathtaking speeds. Do you really have time to put together a business plan?

Of the millions of Internet businesses that have opened in the last few years, how many of these put together a detailed […]

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On a daily basis, you may encounter several different hurdles… They distract you from the job at hand and frequently slow you down, but quite often they are an expected part of your working day.

It’s the bigger hurdles that present a challenge; they creep up through neglect, or bad planning, and can be […]

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When we want to master something in life, we go to someone who is a proven master in what we want to master ourselves, right?

When we want to become good parents, we learn from people who have succeeded at raising kids. We wouldn’t be listening to people who haven’t had kids yet, would […]

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