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The fourth month of my blog has been a bit shaky if that is a targeted description. But in spite of shaking numbers, the Party Contest put that all behind and we focused on happiness and the good things in live nonetheless.

The party contest is over now, and as we can see […]

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On May 2, 2008 By

Just a quick update for you all to know what’s going on.

First, we went to the hospital because my wife’s left body side fell asleep a bit (hope that’s the correct description.) She feels better now but still needs to visit another doctor tomorrow.

Then I obviously ate something that my stomach does not […]

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Everyone you know seems to be running a Web site these days. Large corporations, the tiniest of local businesses, local clubs and societies, while there are long-dead celebrities on Facebook and teenagers networking on MySpace.

The Internet is relatively new. There is still that element of glamour and mystery attached to it, that magical […]

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Turnip has a great post about protecting your WordPress blog and the entire installation, so to speak. It’s a excellent addition to a post by Matt Cutts I read earlier this year giving 3 tips on protecting your […]

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Making millions over the internet in the span of a single day might sound like a clichéd online business opportunity provider’s slogan, but countless people are drawn towards the same—each and every day—in hope of making lots of money in an instant. (Ever heard the term Instant Gratification?)

There are numerous myths surrounding the […]

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Would you please send your condolences to Anna, a fellow blogger…

She’s a very nice and special woman, and she could need it these days.

Thank you very much!

—Marcus Hochstadt

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When Do You Quit Your Job? It’s The Ultimate Leap Of Faith.

You have a new business in mind; you may have the contracts waiting and eager clients knocking on your door, but are you ready to take that leap into the unknown? That giant leap of faith that launches your transition from employed […]

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It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

With the advent of the Internet the world is certainly getting smaller, but before you spend thousands of dollars on advertising or dedicating resources to Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), you can start your marketing strategy with one person.

One person has the potential to reach […]

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