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I exclusively use the Firefox browser for more than three years now. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s safe. And Firefox is predictable in terms of coding.

What I mean is when you know how to code (html, css, that sort of thing) and you do it correctly, the Firefox […]

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This is something I highly recommend.

Since I do not offer my own printed newsletter yet, I strongly encourage you to jump on James‘ current offer on receiving The James D. Brausch Letter. It is the last time he will make this offer […]

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No, not mine, but I just visited a blog of someone I know and he has links in the sidebar to some of his products. When I clicked one of those links in order to visit that site (and to see the sales letter of that product), I was redirected to another domain which displayed […]

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I had the pleasure to talk with James about article marketing in one of our conversations and his take on it. He taught me that 99% approach article marketing the wrong way. He said “they follow what all the forum junkies talk about.”

James went […]

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Bryan Reed investigated how I’m running my Internet business. Is he right in his theses?

One thing that is incorrect is that I made the last month’s $13,692.59 from (or with) my blog alone. It was a good part of it though.

Bryan suggests in order to double […]

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When we want to master something in life, we go to someone who is a proven master in what we want to master ourselves, right?

When we want to become good parents, we learn from people who have succeeded at raising kids. We wouldn’t be listening to people who haven’t had kids yet, would […]

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Josh Whitford revealed some secrets about me…

OK, they are actually no secrets; I provide these “news” on my About page and, who guessed it, in the posts on my blog.

However, there are two little things in disorder. Looks like I need to update my About page… […]

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Copywriter Brent Hodgson got a page of insights from one of my interview DVDs with James Brausch. And he discovered a hidden message. Which?

Check it out…

I relate to what he says about sticking at it. Let me expand that by saying: Instead of adjusting […]

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