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Here’s a new look at your future Internet business endeavors. Think in terms of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Rather than compete with other similar Internet businesses, you can join them as partners, escalating your business more than you ever imagined. :-)

In other words, Internet business doesn’t have to be about being […]

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When running an Internet business, it’s important to maintain good business practices, just like when having an offline storefront establishment. The major difference in operating online is that you have a much larger market—and therefore potentially can do many times the business that you would be doing locally. All the more reason to keep your […]

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In any business, online or off, your communication with your customers and business associates alike is extremely important. Whether you have a Web site, a regular store front establishment or have a mail order company from your kitchen table, you have to maintain rapid communication with all concerned; clients, customers, partners, and others.

It isn’t […]

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The term “Law of Attraction” is used a lot these days. And because I’m far from being an Law of Attraction expert, there are two sources I visit often and highly recommend, Abraham-Hicks and Gary Evans.

As far as I know, it’s based on the principal of “like […]

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So, you have this wonderful new idea for an Internet business—many have one—but web development and technology move at breathtaking speeds. Do you really have time to put together a business plan?

Of the millions of Internet businesses that have opened in the last few years, how many of these put together a detailed […]

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On a daily basis, you may encounter several different hurdles… They distract you from the job at hand and frequently slow you down, but quite often they are an expected part of your working day.

It’s the bigger hurdles that present a challenge; they creep up through neglect, or bad planning, and can be […]

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Ever heard of FeedBurner? Stupid question, huh…

It seems as if the majority of bloggers use FeedBurner to distribute and track the use of their RSS feeds.

Every day I come across blogs showing off the neat little counter proudly displaying how many subscribers they have, just like so…

Here is the thing […]

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“There are never enough hours in the day.”

This is a common excuse and everyone is using it. As I figured out over time, for our customers and colleagues, it’s exasperating to hear, and only highlights our poor time management.

When you bring up the topic of Time Management, it’s often dismissed as nonsense; business […]

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