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Are you running an Internet business? Well, I think so since you’re reading my blog. ;-)

Whether you’re running a sole Internet business or are about to bring your brick-and-mortar business online, you will definitely benefit if you do some marketing for it. How else can you grab the attention of several people and make […]

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It’s been quite a while the last time I was active within the huge Entrecard community. And I feel it’s time to connect with you all again.

To those who don’t know me or remember me dimly, my blog was the most popular among tens of thousands of blogs/websites in Entrecard a […]

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Ever heard of FeedBurner? Stupid question, huh…

It seems as if the majority of bloggers use FeedBurner to distribute and track the use of their RSS feeds.

Every day I come across blogs showing off the neat little counter proudly displaying how many subscribers they have, just like so…

Here is the thing […]

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24 Hour Special

On April 21, 2008 By

Surprising Traffic Generation Secrets Guaranteed Methods For Dramatically Increasing The Flood Of Visitors To A Site

“I Want More traffic!”

That’s a wish most Webmasters express, isn’t it? You have a great idea, you start building a Web site, you may even create a couple products, but then… without traffic you have no business, […]

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It’s The Party Contest!

Yesterday shall have been the day for my blog to break Alexa’s Top 50,000 rank, if… yeah, if Alexa wouldn’t have changed its ranking algorithm! LOL

While I was eagerly checking and waiting for my blog to break Alexa’s 50,000 […]

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It’s happening again; this time a bit more obvious though.

A few days ago, I reported that my Internet business blog cracked the Alexa Top 100,000 Rank. To my surprise, these days I surpassed my Mentor’s Alexa Rank…

Can you do me a favor? Would […]

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Ever wondered how to choose the right domain name for your Internet business?

Choosing a good domain name can make us gripe especially in terms of SEO. What I mean is when you want to have your Site Concept keyword in it as well. Depending on your […]

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My blog is #4 on Google for its main keyword internet business after only 43 days.

Yes, you read that right.

If you ever researched keywords and/or markets and niches, you probably know that internet business is a highly competitive […]

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