US Americans… Here is to congratulate you and your country for having Barack Obama as your 44th President. It is the right man at right place at the right time. He’s the one who can and will bring the United States back on track, and he’s the one who brings people together.

It was very emotional when I followed the Election Day last night (via TV and Internet) and watched the results pour in. And then… We both had tears in our eyes at Barack Obama’s incredible speech in Chicago. It was a very special moment. It still gives me the creeps whenever I watch it. (John McCain’s speech was also touching.)

The last time I had such emotional, deeply touching moments was during the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Millions of people became free that time. And last night… I saw people from all over the world celebrating, including entire Germany. (Likely 98% wished he would win, including me.)

A historical moment that will change our lives to the better. The American dream is alive again.

I’m so proud and happy for you Americans.

Thank you, Barack Obama.

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. For some more touching moments, here’s a video of Barack Obama’s Berlin speech (July 24th, 2008) in front of more than 200,000 celebrating, cheering people (and this although he was just a candidate that time!). Listen closely to what he said.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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30 Responses to Congratulations, America!

  1. Josh says:

    Missed ya, where and what have you been up to lately?

  2. Crista says:

    I don’t agree with you but thats why we all have our own opinions! Good to see ya back!

  3. amy lilley says:

    right man, right time, right place…YES WE DID!!!

    Good to see you back Marcus!

  4. Debbie Lane says:

    thank you for cheering US on. Time for change, change is positive regardless who we voted for!

  5. Don says:

    As an American, I am delighted with the presidential election results. I believe Obama has qualities, grievously lacking in Bush, that will help to ammeliorate our relations with nations around the globe.

  6. Freewareking says:

    Here in Phil we are also celebrating Obama’s winning. I know and I hope it will also bring good things to my country.

  7. Monty J says:

    Barack is here to win the election.

  8. zack says:

    I am certainly not pleased, and I did not vote for this man who for many years attended a racially driven church. As far as I am concerned, along with many other reasons, he is an enemy of capitalism and free enterprise. He wants to “spread the wealth around.” In other words, he wants to impose an “ambition tax” on anyone with the drive and determination to live their passion and make money. I think many Americans were just wanting a wardrobe change. Unfortunately, they failed to look underneath at the price tag.

  9. Monty J says:

    Proud that obama has won.

  10. Carol says:

    After 8 years of our country being raped and pillaged by the outlaws that are the Bush administration, I am happy at least to have them on the way out. Whether or not Obama will be able to accomplish anything hinges on cooperation from both parties. I pray that the Secret Service keeps him and his family safe. Now, we can either spend our time in fear that Obama will ruin our country further, or we can take responsibility for our own actions, repulse GREED and move on. The President Elect will not have all the answers and he should be admired for even taking on this job. It seems to me that the ones whining the most now are the ones that have money and don’t want to be taxed like the rest of us.

  11. Monty J says:

    Lovely post fun to read.

  12. I’ve never heard that particular speech before. Gives me a little more insight after watching it.

  13. Jill Hin says:

    Oh great, lots of blogs have this information but now we have obama.

  14. UggAussie says:

    The one thing that Obama stands for in my mind is a signal to the world that we screwed up by electing ‘W’ and that we are truly sorry. If anyone can flash back 10 years ago, our country was doing pretty well – in my view, and in many people’s views.
    He represents an America that knows that it is on a slippery slope and that we have to do something far out of the box to fix it.
    Obama may not have all of the experience in the world, but he is definitely an icon for change – to America, and to the rest of the world.

  15. in the UK we are very proud of Obama, this is going to be interesting to see how it goes

  16. Bugle says:

    I am also happy Obama won. Last thing the world needed is another Bush. Unlike you though I wasn’t too impressed with Obama’s speech, I found it uninspired, strangely enough I thought McCain’s speech was way better.

  17. I’m happy that he won. The feeling on voting day was just electric, so it was great to have been a part of that. I think McCain is also a great man, he just was not the right guy, at the right time, for this job.

    Good to see you back again!

  18. cheh says:

    I am very pleased of his win.

  19. Eric D says:

    Are you out of your mind? Sorry…… Don’t mean to be insulting but I for one DO NOT want to live in a socialist country. Obama made a lot of promises and he will not be able to deliver without taxing us to death. His speeches may sound good and give people a good feeling but the reality is, he will destroy this country. I am not a big Bush fan but at least I have some freedom. Not so sure about what is to come.

  20. Change has been gradually happening in many other countries in the last 12-24 months, even Australia. Obama is a pretty cool guy. Congratulations.

  21. Ted says:

    Congratulations and good luck to Obama, he will need it a lot

  22. Thank you for being happy for us.

  23. whisky shop says:

    Awsome personallity, but i wonder if he will make real change. the only good change sofar is the website which looks gorgeous.

  24. Jared says:

    I’m not from the US but having found out that Obama won, I actually felt good and thought that maybe, this time, there would be a positive change and that all other countries would be affected by that change.

  25. Belfast Girl says:

    Of course as soon as he won “we Irish” claimed some Irish Ancestry for him.Well any excuse for a party!

  26. Heliski says:

    Cash for Clunkers = fail
    Healthcare Reform = fail
    Pull out of Iraq = still waiting…
    Closing of Guantanamo = still waiting…
    Positive impact of massive government spending = none so far

    I think it’s great that we as a country elected a black president… but when are we gonna start holding him accountable for his actual deeds rather than his rhetoric?

  27. dan says:

    I hope he follows through on all things he said. Im still hopeful til this day.

  28. Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies..|

  29. Don Pittman says:

    I think the biggest accomplishment for Obamma on his presidential term was to capture the number one terrorist Osamma Bin Laden. And also he should be able to create more job openings for the people.

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