It has come the time for me to start a blog. I’ll be posting on a regular basis about the puzzle pieces necessary to build a thriving Internet business, and will also cover supplemental, related ramblings from time to time as well as create and offer a couple products; so check back often.

Who am I anyway?

Perhaps you know me from my video demo productions I do for SiteSell since 2005…

Others know me from my two travel sites where I write about my home country Germany.

Here’s where everything begun in December 2004…

And the New Blue Baby (founded on September 13, 2007)…

Or perhaps you stumbled upon my Network Marketing related business site…

In that light, you may know me from my contributions in The SBI! Forums.

What? Nothing of the above?

Well, then you perhaps simply got an e-mail from me somewhere sometime and were wondering what’s behind that “” domain which I own since 2002…

Either way, I’m That German Guy enjoying life with my wife in sunny Natal, Brazil. I know… the view I enjoy when looking out of my home office is something a lot of people would like to have, too.

And that’s exactly where I come into place here. I’m going to show you how you, too, can accomplish this; to live where YOU want.

Enough said for today. Let’s get started!

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. Yes, I’m German, English is my second language, and I can live with this fact very comfortably. :-)

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  1. Marcus rocks and his site is killer.

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