It is often small things that make my day.

Today, for example, I was looking for an answer on how to leave a “trackback” (or how to do a trackback, if you prefer this description) to a post of another blog so it appears in the comment section of that particular blog post. (To which blog post I’m about to link to, I’m going to let you know in the next post, once I’m done with THIS post.)

What did I do and how did I find proper How To advice?

How good we have Mother Google! A link to a post of Kirsten Farris appeared on the 10th position for my quoted search “how to leave a trackback”. It was exactly the advice I was looking for (thank you so much, Kirsten!). And if I’m not a dump fool to make it wrong after her excellent How To, I should now appear in HER comments section with a trackback connecting our blogs (and readers) together. :-)

That’s about it.

Now off writing that other post where I’m going to “trackback link” to a post on another blog.

—Marcus Hochstadt

7 Responses to How To Leave A Trackback

  1. Yahoo Answers is another great source of information in a hurry.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, and I just wanted to let you know that your trackback worked perfectly, and now appears in my post about trackbacks.

  3. Thanks again, Kirsten. Your tutorial really helped me.

    And thanks Kevin, my friend. I’ll keep that URL in my mind for the next time.

  4. byajero says:

    Thanks a lot for pointing me to kirsten from my query about trackback URL.

  5. James says:

    Thanks for the article, i have referenced you in my new tutorial :] This was really helpful

  6. James says:

    Oh and if the trackback i sent from my tutorial didn’t end up sending, the link to it is here:

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