Internet Business MentorEver wished to tap the mind of an Internet business millionaire? Ever sought advice from someone who has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt; someone who shows you, step-by-doable-step, how to build a thriving online business that fires on all cylinders?

Do you want to bust loose from dependency and enjoy total FREEDOM?

Are you looking for a Mentor? Or first and foremost, do you realize the tremendous value of having one?

There are mentors and there are Mentors though. (Noticed the difference between the two aforementioned? ;-) And you can, of course, have more than one Mentor. Some will “touch” you in a way you feel comfortable, confirmed, and warm. Others are pushing you forward; sometimes with uncommon and seemingly “cold” methods so you might not necessarily feel “good,” but it’s actually the environment where you accomplish BIG things. (Those are the ones I feel more comfortable with when speaking of coaching.)

Or in other words…

Do you want to feel good? Go to your mom.

Do you want to accomplish BIG things in your business life? Go ahead and find a Mentor who is a master in coaching; someone who slaps the truth into your face so you WAKE UP.

NOTE: I’m not talking about the launch of my own Mentoring Program here. That time will come this year, yes, but it is not the reason of this post.

For my Internet Business, well, I do have two Mentors if you so will, Ken Evoy and Daniel Levy. Though, they are not available as often as I’d like. Ken Evoy is an exceptional entrepreneur, busily leading SiteSell to new heights (while trusting in my good job of professional video demo production.) And there’s Daniel Levy, one of my best friends. He Mentored me in my early online days (starting back in December 2004,) but is now too busy with his consulting business in Paris. So…

It just happened I found and got a chance to hire my third Mentor three weeks ago. (Wow, two accomplishments; and those at just the right time!)

His name is James D. Brausch and I’ll meet him in Costa Rica in less than ten weeks (on March 10, 2008, to be exact)…

Would you like to meet him, too? Would you like to get a chance of asking him, one entire day, whichever question you have? Would you like to flatten your learning curve so you succeed online in a much shorter time period? Instead of getting rich quickly, would you like to finally “get rich guaranteed” so to speak (assuming you do your part?)

One warning though… If a Mentor gives you his or her hand you should grab it INSTANTLY—without questioning or procrastinating. Again, I’m not talking about a mentor, I’m talking about a Mentor.

A Mentor usually selects with whom s/he wants to work with and when. A Mentor does not have any time for negative people, whiners, nay-sayers, complainers… folks of such groups are simply boring time wasters.

However, if you are able to focus, if you do follow your Mentor’s advice from A-Z, if you are able to take considerable action towards your own success, towards the fulfillment of your wildest dreams, then and only then will you find (and get) a Mentor of the caliber of James D. Brausch.

That’s what I’m going to do.

And that’s what I invite you to do as well.

If he still has a spot left for you (chances are very low though,) go ahead and reserve your spot NOW!

Who knows whether he’ll open the door to such an opportunity again. (He does currently offer a $10,000/yr e-mail based Mentoring program. But to meet him personally and spend an entire day with him, well… you do the math!)

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. My wife and I plan to spend 1 or 2 weeks in Costa Rica around that day (March 10, that is.) If you’d like to also meet me there you may do so. Once you reserved your spot at the above URL, just let me know by submitting a comment to this post here below.

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