January has been fantastic in many ways. It’s the first month of this year and also my first month as a blogger. I’m going to disclose a few stats details tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at one measurement we use in Internet business: Alexa Ranking.

Compared to a post I made three weeks ago on how to increase Alexa Ranking, my blog’s Ranking climbed even more up within the last two weeks…

Alexa Ranking of hochstadt.com

In only one month, the Alexa Ranking of this blog went from a mere 3,000,000- up to a more serious 337,618. This is a huge jump, isn’t it?

Again, I’m going to uncover the main source responsible for this tomorrow.

In any case, stay tuned as a lot of exiting things will happen in February (and in March, wow!). Since I dislike announcing things that aren’t done yet, you’ll need to wait until I actually deliver. ;-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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