Find the method that is right for YOU“My Concept Is The Best; My Concept Is The Best” — sound familiar?

How many top online marketers have you heard saying that phrase? Nothing against it, principally. Their concepts often even works.

I realized this in 2004, when I attended a seminar in Orlando, USA. If I recall correctly, there were 10 speakers, all of them were confident that their method is the “only way” to succeed. What was the secret behind it?

The secret was (and still is) that it does work, for them. Does it work for you, too? This is what you’ll want to find out. Not to question whether it works or not because it does work. It has been proven countless times.

It’s just that some methods are made for one sort of people, other methods are good for another group of personalities.

Find the method that you feel most comfortable with, and stick with it until you succeed.

Food for thought? :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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