Leading by exampleAs I learned over time, you do best to the world when you lead by example. Some people are concerned about what would other people think once they became rich. The question shall not be what other people think, but what do you contribute so people can follow your example.

Is there something you enjoy others would like to enjoy, too? Express how you feel and provide ways to accomplish what you’ve achieved. People are on the lookout for leaders that lead them to a better life.

When you are concerned about other people’s gibberish it will lead you to procrastination and mediocrity. In fact, by doing so, you let other people direct your actions.

Take the lead and focus on your inner self. What is it that makes you happy? What is it that led you to wealth? What was it that brought you to the place other people would love to live as well?

If you haven’t accomplished the aforementioned yet, write and talk about your dreams and visions. You will attract those aiming for the same. Share your vision with them and they will follow you until you made it come true. Then they will celebrate with you.

During this course and at that moment, new “students” are being born; people that you can teach how to achieve the same. They will be endlessly grateful for that you share your insights, ideas, and tutorials with them.

Of course, you will also find those trying to pull you back to mediocrity. Let them pull themselves; stay focused on YOUR path; even—or especially—when it is controversy at times.

Again, lead by good example.

Let’s make this world a better place.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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