Well, I’m wondering about myself why I haven’t publicly announced or shared all the videos I did up to this point (except for a Google AdSense video tutorial, which isn’t freely available anymore, duh!). Guess I was too busy producing this stuff that I forgot to share it with y’all here on my blog. <slap on my face>

So here it goes…

Over the next… I dunno, couple of weeks (?) I’m going to share the videos I did for SiteSell.com and their flagship, SBI!, the best e-business building product in the world.

Well, as much as I’d like you to watch the very first promotional video I did (way back in 2006), which marked one of my milestones, I think you’ll benefit more from one of my other, more recent smash hits…

The A New Day video a.k.a. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.

Go ahead and click on the video screen to watch it:




Now check out The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life page and… let me know what you think? :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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4 Responses to My Posh Video Productions (Duh!)

  1. CRMSoftware says:

    Excellent video! simple but effective. Now i just need to put it to use (smile)

  2. Barry says:

    Wow what a great video! Well done.

  3. That was a great idea, making an advert entirely from Google search results, really awesome!

    It does it’s job too, because it made me want to click the SBI link, I had to post this message first though!

    Off to SBI now…

    Again, great job!

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