Looks like Steve Jobs set up a separate Twitter account for his blood pressure (his words), and is attracting around 100 followers per hour.


Although I’m still not on Twitter yet, I incidentally captured that today and found a few hilarious tweets from Steve, and I thought it would be fun to share my Top 5 with ya:

  1. Microsoft, kiss my apps.
  2. Adam’s Apple was an iMac.
  3. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Best healthcare plan there is.
  4. First Opera. Now Google has submitted Chrome to the App Store. I give up.
  5. Plotting to acquire Google.

Which one is your favorite? :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. The above account is currently “suspended.” That’s why I removed the hyperlink.

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23 Responses to Steve Jobs’ Blood Pressure

  1. Adam’s apple was an iMac…he got it from Eve.

  2. shakti says:

    Thanks Marcus for sharing. I will definitely following him on twitter. I want to join him on facebook too. Send me a link of facebook too.

  3. Andrew says:

    Plotting to acquire Google. LOL. I chuckled at first but then I thought about it. Steve is probably the only man alive who could pull it off!

  4. Brian says:

    I’m a little behind times, i guess. Looks like I might have to get a twitter account. I was under the assumption it was used by mainly teens and spammers.

  5. Nash says:

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Best healthcare plan there is — Maybe Apple will start providing Universal Health Care

  6. Belinda says:

    Microsoft Kiss my apps! That’s the one, will definitely be following Mr Jobs now.

  7. Luigi says:

    100 followers per hour? Wow. I wish my account has the same situation also. Haha. I wish.

  8. The Mollusk says:

    “All Apple employees are henceforth forbidden to know anything about upcoming products. I will work in secret. Alone.”

    Will he have himself arrested for possessing upcoming products? It would be safer for him to work in a prison cell so he wouldn’t accidentally leave a prototype behind somewhere.

  9. ste j says:

    Steve jobs always makes me chuckle. Its his charisma alone that has driven apple to the dizzying heights it enjoys.

  10. David says:

    If he won’t acquire Google fast iPhone will most probably be beaten by Android.Acquiring Google is the only way out to stay in game.

  11. Angie says:

    Apple is opening 75 new retail stores this year. 74 will be in California. – my favorite ;)

  12. Logen says:

    100 followers per hour is crazy! But he is one of the most popular CEOs around the globe.

  13. Can someone pls tell me how i can get 100 followers per hour?
    I really luv to know.

  14. Ermel says:

    This is the best: Microsoft, kiss my apps! Definitely a forceful statement =)

  15. sebastian says:

    Microsoft, kiss my apps.. lol definitely the best one. :D

  16. Neil Harries says:

    Its got to be Microsoft, my apps. Great one!

  17. Kiss My Apps… Love it

  18. seks izle says:

    Microsoft, kiss my apps.. lol definitely the best one

  19. Brett Wilson says:

    Microsoft kiss my apps – it says so much. Apple has simply blown MS away in the last few years with innovation and ingenuity. There’s too much creativity running through Apply that MS will never be able to match.

  20. Chris Larkin says:

    Microsoft learn how 100 followers know me that definitely a forceful statement.

  21. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Best healthcare plan there is.

  22. Abin Sur says:

    This sure is interesting… 100 followers in just an hour! I want to know how.

  23. Vladimir Iftimia says:

    My favourite is “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Best healthcare plan there is.”

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