I’m on my way to San Diego, to a jam packed Frank Kern invite-only weekend seminar. One of the neat things is that I’m traveling business class for the very first time (paid 90,000 miles for it), and I already enjoy a good breakfast in the Lufthansa Lounge at the moment. That pays back very well considering how little time I’ve slept last night…

Besides that, I’m looking forward to the things I’ll learn, and to the new stuff I’m about to teach you, my blog readers.

I probably won’t have time for a walk in the sun (other than a “round trip” from my accommodation to the seminar location). But that’s OK because right after I get back from the U.S. I’m heading back to sunny Brazil. A good half year in Germany was great, and I’m already missing it, but I’m also looking forward to spending some time in Brazil again.

Either way, if you’re in San Diego as well just give me a ring. :-)

–Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. Isn’t it amazing how Frank has transformed his live over the past years?

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10 Responses to Frank Kern And San Diego

  1. Hey Marcus,

    I can’t wait to see what you bring back for information for us. You always give good content and I think it’s always easy to understand, especially the way you write it. Thanks for that, because not all of us in the blogging world understand the in’s and outs of certain applications,plugins, and the techi stuff. So thanks and have a safe trip. jj

    • Hmm, we’ll see, JJ… Up to now it’s more of a big fuckin’ party instead of a seminar (in the traditional sense of the word). But that was expected, somehow… ;-)

      Nonetheless, my trip was already totally worth every penny & second. And there’s still one day to go!


  2. BigBeat says:

    The business class of Lufthansa ist really a good thing with very fine food. Normally it is much more expensive than the economy class, but sometimes you get an upgrade or you can pai with miles and than you can enjoy it even more :-)

  3. VizFact says:

    Ok so where is the information located, I am sure he is back by now ! lol,

    C’mon Marcus, turn over the link buddy !

  4. Mark P. Keller says:

    Frank Kern is my hero. A real testament to what is possible if you keep working hard and do not give up. I will be checking back to see the info you learned.

  5. jazz says:

    I always wait for the information you provide to us.

  6. Mike says:

    great information here i look forward to hearing more!!

  7. Rosh says:

    I love San Diego. Have you discontinued Blogging. It’s one of your newest posts, but it looks like it has been a while. I always enjoy Marketing stuff.

  8. Chas says:

    Seems pretty quiet all around the Braush sphere.

  9. Vladimir Iftimia says:

    A year ago I went to Belgium with Lufthansa. There was a problem in the sistem, i bought a economic class tichet but the computer didn’t register it. They offered me a free business class ticket as a compensation.

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