Today’s SundayTV show features a 21:22 min. “round stand-up” Robert Kiyosaki had with his wife Kim and three of his business partners (Blair Singer, Marco Antonio Regil and Ken McElroy.) It’s a very interesting discussion on The Psychology Of Winning.

Think you’ll enjoy it since it’s much better than sitting in front of the tube, don’t you agree? ;-)

And, what do you take home and apply?

—Marcus Hochstadt

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3 Responses to SundayTV

  1. Mr MultiVar says:

    Thanks Marcus,

    that was an extremely good video to watch.

    I could relate very well to this since I have burned loser friends and cultivate friendships with winners.

    All the best,


  2. Thank you, Andy.

    Yes, I also had to clean my own house a couple times. To reflect on current friendships and focus on what really serves me well. It can be tough but sometimes it’s necessary.


  3. Has it been 15 years? Wow, I remember when I read his first book, and I was a lone voice out there talking about this idea of creating your own wealth/destiny.

    I started a internet dating site in 2000, but couldn’t get it off the ground, man if I’d only hung in there until ads switched from impressions to clicks…

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