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The fourth month of my blog has been a bit shaky if that is a targeted description. But in spite of shaking numbers, the Party Contest put that all behind and we focused on happiness and the good things in live nonetheless.

The party contest is over now, and as we can see […]

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It’s that time again. Let’s take a look at last month’s figures…

March was another month with astonishing results. My blog continues to grow on an exponential rate and more and more other blog owners link to mine. This tells me that I provide quality content (always good, huh?) which helps […]

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It’s getting tough at times.

Multitasking definitely does not count to my strengths. The last five days required me to manage a bunch of multiple tasks at the same time. This made me realize (again) how well so many women have mastered this skill since their birth. :-)

Either way, here […]

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