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Our monetary system has failed. Game over.

Most of the problems and misalignments in our world today exist because of money.

Think about it… Get rid of the monetary system and you eradicate most issues. Only a very small percentage of privileged people, those who know how to play the game efficiently, benefit from this […]

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The term “Law of Attraction” is used a lot these days. And because I’m far from being an Law of Attraction expert, there are two sources I visit often and highly recommend, Abraham-Hicks and Gary Evans.

As far as I know, it’s based on the principal of “like […]

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Law Of Attraction?

On January 9, 2008 By

Law of Attraction? Yup. Today’s post on Jason Mangrum’s blog inspired me to write a bit about the Law of Attraction and my take on it.

When I was a failure and living with just a couple hundred German Marks (received […]

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