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When we want to master something in life, we go to someone who is a proven master in what we want to master ourselves, right?

When we want to become good parents, we learn from people who have succeeded at raising kids. We wouldn’t be listening to people who haven’t had kids yet, would […]

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24 Hour Special

On April 10, 2008 By

Outsourcing, uh! This was something I really had to get used to… It was a tough step. I was under the impression that the only person who can do things as good as I would was I. How insane is that?

Today I use the word “insane” since I’m a little bit wiser. You […]

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Not Enough Time?

On January 21, 2008 By

Occasionally, I see messages from folks complaining they would not have enough time to do this or to do that. They say their day would need to have a lot more hours than just 24 (say, 36 or 48) in order for them to accomplish the tasks that are on their […]

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