TV and your life purposeIsn’t it funny… I used to be a TV junkie, but for the past five to six years I refuse watching TV 99% of the time. Can you imagine how much time I save? It’s incredible!

My lovely wife is just not that far yet. When she spent three months in Germany in 2006 she couldn’t watch any since I did not own that box. Now that we live in sunny Brazil in a furnished apartment, I sometimes wish to literally throw that duct out of the window. BUT…

There is hope.

She wished and I gave here the book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind from T. Harv Eker on Christmas (the Portuguese edition entitled Os segredos da mente milionária.) Since then she read almost all of it.

The amazing thing is the more she reads the less she watches TV. How cool is that?

It does happen often, doesn’t it? What I mean is that sometimes people only listen to “someone else’s wisdom” rather than yours. The advantage we have is we have a horde of books of wisdom we can choose from!

Maybe giving a book to someone close to you would solve the problem, once and for all?

Why not try test it? :-)


P.S. End of week is approaching, so is the next SundayTV show. Hmm… are you curious what’s coming?

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