How to synchronize your brain cellsI’ve spent two hours playing Frisbee on the beach today. Sport is, generally, something I do find attractive. It is not only healthy, it also gives me the opportunity to train my brain.

Today, my friend David (who currently lives here in sunny Brazil too, just a couple minutes from my home) received the package from the USA with the Freestyle Frisbee discs he ordered in December. They look really nice and are very good in the hand.

Not only that, but they fly like angles… soft, precise, elegantly. I’m even so far that I can do a little bit of freestyle, which he taught me. Just a little bit and it’s a lot of fun! :-)

Freestyle Frisbee means to rotate the disc on one finger when it arrives at your spot. That’s a very basic thing you may title as “freestyle.” They even go so far and do whatever it takes to make playing Frisbee much more enjoyable (ex., rotating around your body, picking up while you jump, etc.)

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here…

The point is, once we were warm (yup, we’re now back at the beach ;-), I had an idea of throwing a disc to each other at the same time. Meaning, he threw one to me while I threw one to him. So I had to catch his and he had to catch mine at about the same time.

That was the first step to “synchronize my brain cells.” ;-)

I figured my brain was on the one hand concentrating on how my disc flew while also focusing on the disc that came to me and wanted to be caught.

Now, the really fund part started when David recommended to go extreme.

He recommended to go back to one person throwing only, but to throw two discs instead of one. Wow!

Imagine this, two discs in your hand, and throw them to your partner.

With a little training you throw them pretty much together so your partner can catch both, one in each hand.

The stretching of the body looks soooo spectacular, I’m telling you. Not only this, your brain starts to react in a really funny way, too. When I was watching him trying to catch both discs, his brain apparently was confused at times as for which disc to catch first.

After a short while though you could see a tremendous improvement. It got easier and easier to catch both disks fairly quickly.

It’s similar to another exercise I learned when studying NLP. There we were doing some funny looking “dances,” like touching your right kneecap with your left elbow, then your left kneecap with your right elbow, then again the right kneecap with the left elbow, etc etc.

Try it! You might end up coming up with new, fresh ideas! ;-)


P.S. I would really LOVE showing you a real photo of our today’s funny looking exercise instead of the stock image you see above. Didn’t have the camera with me, sorry. Next time, OK?

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