Why Your Belief System Determines Your SuccessWhat if I told you that, without fail, you could achieve anything you wanted to do?

As an aspiring entrepreneur you may have the money and technical expertise to start a new Internet business, but it is your belief system that ultimately determines your success.

So, as you raise a cynical eyebrow to my first comment, think of everything you would achieve in Internet business–or life–if you honestly believed you could not fail. To what would it prompt you to…

  • Quit your job
  • Start a profitable Internet business
  • Develop and existing business further
  • Take greater risks and investments
  • Find the love of your life
  • Reach 150+ years in this life
  • ?

Starting A Profitable Internet Business?

Success in Internet business relies on your mindset, the guiding principle that is influenced by your own belief system. (No, it is NOT determined by luck or money.)

Many of the most successful businessmen (and women ;-) and visionaries left behind a very humble upbringing, but knew that they had every resource within themselves to succeed, as we all do.

Belief systems are a founding principle in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), in which co-developer Dr. Richard Bandler established that your behavior is governed by your beliefs. Therefore, if you can fit any behavior, from being unemployed to achieving millionaire status, into your belief system, you can achieve it.

Quite simply, if you believe you can succeed and focus on what you desire you will achieve your goals, but if you focus on a negative outcome, such as failing in your Internet business or career, you have limiting beliefs which will most certainly anticipate your downfall.

Successful entrepreneurs possess a belief system that promotes wealth thinking, or “prosperity consciousness,” while on the opposite side of the scale, the belief system of “poverty consciousness” limits your future success.

Most people worry about money, but if it dominates your every thought, whether you are wealthy or not, your belief system is one of poverty consciousness.

If you start a new Internet business and you focus on a future full of poverty when it fails, or you worry about how you will pay the bills when you leave your job, you are limited by these thoughts, which restrict the future success of your Internet business, and your sense of any achievement.

Out With The Old And In With The New?

Belief systems are our internal representations of the outside world, and a state of mind that develops over a lifetime of experiences. It analyzes and filters the world around you and creates your own perception of events, which also acts as a protective tool.

These thought patterns are developed from childhood and are influenced by our families, peers, and our own personal, daily experiences.

I agree, it may be difficult (yet it’s possible) to immediately switch between negative and positive mindsets, as we are habitual thinkers and can easily revert back to our old beliefs, which all need to be weakened and reprogrammed, which is where NLP becomes a valuable tool in directing your belief system towards a positive outcome.

As all successful businessmen will tell you, right from the start they had an unfaltering belief in their own abilities and knew they are going to succeed no matter what. They had complete confidence in their (Internet) business, and the ability to market and sell it successfully.

Any hurdles can be viewed as learning curves or opportunities and they were unyielding in their direction and achieving their goals.

Believe in your abilities, as success is all in the mind.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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17 Responses to Why Your Belief System Determines Your Success

  1. Marty says:

    Bravo Marcus! You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head. Belief in yourself and your abilities is EVERYTHING!! If you believe you’re going to fail, you will. Most people are too busy implementing self-sabotaging techniques to succeed. You right on target.

  2. Fitz says:

    Such truthful words – very inspiring.

    I hope a lot of your readers take into heart everything that you said.

  3. Thanks, Marty and Fitz.

    There’s hope… that more and more people realize they create their own reality, and they can change it to the better.

  4. Zero and Up says:

    I agree for the most part – most of the time the reasons people fail at something is not truly because of the circumstances, it’s because they believe they have failed or will fail.

  5. Curt says:

    I agree with you 100%. I have accomplished many things that seemed beyond my capabilities by pure tenacity, because I knew I could do it!

    The biggest problem I’ve seen is the people close to you that cast doubt. Even though they feel it’s constructive, it can still cause you to think you can’t do it.

    If you want it, then never give up I always say!

  6. Mike says:

    It’s all about your mindset. If you think you are going to fail then you are. If you don’t have some belief in yourself then how do you expect to survive?


  7. bendz says:

    spoken like my Kiyosaki (and that woman who wrote the Secret)! I totally agree. your article applies not only to blogging but also all fields of business, and living.

    I could not talk in details here cause it would look like a blog post but one of these days, I’m gonna send you a pingback once I start writing my own success story.

  8. Sonnie says:

    Paradigm, indeed, can make or break a person

  9. It’s what stopped me for so long, the wrong belief system. Just one change at a time and eventually you are a new person. I moved back to my home town two years ago. I never knew the drastic change I made until I did that.

  10. seo says:

    Its extremely important to your success to have a right set of mind in the way. Inspirational post. Thanks!

  11. rick says:

    Well done! One of the best posts I have read this year.

  12. I agree completely that mindset, ie. positive thinking, can make the difference between achieving a goal and not.

    Great article!

  13. Thank you all for your comments.

    Curt, I relate to your comment. It can be hard to give people advice in a way that they “get it.” It’s a challenge at times.

    Bendz, looking forward to your post on this matter. :-)

    Stephan, yes that can happen. You change, but do your relatives and old friends move forward to, preferably in “our” direction?

  14. Don says:

    Hi Marcus,
    I don’t comment much on blogs (perhaps I should more) but I just had to say thank you. I think we all have this problem of learning how to overcome our fears of failure.

  15. You are more than welcome, Don. Thanks for stepping by.

    And yes, even I have lots of fears myself still… though I’m working on it. :-)

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