Before I go ahead and create another project on Elance or RentACoder for this, perhaps I’ll find you thru my blog? That way you would receive more money for your time. Let’s see… :-)

I need a seasoned WordPress developer, coder, and consultant for a few hours per week or per month (depending on the amount and intensity of questions and requests I have).

First, you will assist me in getting a few things straight such as utilizing existing WordPress codex without installing new plugins as well as finding the most appropriate plugin(s) for certain tasks (and setting them up properly).

Later on I may ask you to handcode plugins that fulfill specific tasks or to modify, expand, or improve existing plugins.

Ideally, you are an expert in…

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • XHTML and CSS
  • WordPress
  • MySQL

If you feel that you would be the perfect fit then go ahead and post a comment below. Please include a link (or links) to a few of your work examples as well as your hourly rate (in USD).

If you prefer that I keep your proposal confidential, please indicate so in your submission and it will remain an unapproved comment.

Payments via PayPal.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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3 Responses to WordPress Developer, Coder, Consultant Needed

  1. Junglet says:

    We do need one too in Italy … a curiosity Marcus … what is the medium hourly price for a similar programmer in Brazil??

    There cost of life is very low… so could be cheaper than here in Europe or in USA…

  2. Jake Stone says:

    I jumped the opportunity to check what kind of proposal you had received. Hah, it was so funny to see another person interested in rates and your success. I guess this will prove that demand for good coders is higher than supply. I would also presume that their prices are therefore high everywhere. Anyway, good luck with the search.

  3. francesco says:

    Nice offer. A friend of mine is really really good with wordpress but I don’t know if he speaks english well, he’s italian..I’ll ask


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