You comment, I followI feel the urge to let you all know that when you comment on my blog, I follow. I thought you guys would figure it out, but I learned not everyone takes the time and looks into the source code. ;-)

It was one of the very first plugins I enabled when I launched this blog. We have the ability to control and eliminate spam, therefore I saw and still see no reason why outgoing links are assigned with the “nofollow” tag.

Yes, it is a time consuming process to get rid of all the spam and delete spammy link-to URLs. Up to this point it is worth the time.

So again, when you comment on my blog I’m going to follow; provided your comment is in “good shape.”

That’s the way it should be. My 2 cents anyway.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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8 Responses to You Comment, I Follow

  1. Rome says:

    Thanx for the recommendation on EntreCard. :)

  2. Zac Davis says:

    I love when bloggers get into this movement. I have it on my blog too, but have never mentioned it, maybe I should.

  3. Toni says:

    I’m the same, even with the advertisements, I know page rank is important but if people advertise on your site how people can justify using a go.php page or turning on no follow I dont know :/

    Toni x

  4. edward says:

    Actually I don’t know what this follow and nofollow before until the google zeroed my blogs from pr4. I was thinking it was the song of Sister Act. But now I did not use nofollow though my opp online is little I don’t care. There are many ads still willing to hire me even if I have pr0.

  5. The Net says:

    it’s the most simple blog that i’ve been walking for 3 months, cool.
    Simple is Genius, Dude.

  6. Hello There,
    Hahah .. well nice to know that you are spreading the comment luv arrownd.. I recommend adding the comment luv plugin for more hirachy on your blog!


  7. spit tools says:

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    thank U very Much

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