Breakthrough In Internet Business OptimizationBreakthrough In Internet Business Optimization

Increase Sales & Profits And Catapult From Mediocrity To Prosperity

Do you run an Internet business? Would you like to know advanced techniques and strategies for bringing your online business to the next level? Would you like put your business and its inner workings on autopilot?

We’re not only talking about blogging here but about any Internet business. Many of the tips shared on this DVD can even be used in the offline business world.

The DVD I’m releasing today covers an area where most small businesses fail dramatically. While working hard on increasing revenue, most end up working 100 hours/week or more. This results in headaches, frustration, and actually being just another job!

Instead of trading hours for money, the goal is to increase sales and profits while working less and less and catapult from mediocrity to prosperity.

Wondering how’s that possible? Well, James Brausch is a living example and tells you how on this very DVD.

Here are some of the topics covered on this DVD…

  • What most people do wrong when building an Internet business
  • The 3 prerequisites for building a thriving Internet business
  • First steps towards a breakthrough in Internet business optimization
  • Pros and Cons of business systems
  • What some so-called gurus do wrong in their business systems
  • How to create profitable and income boosting business systems and procedures
  • How to optimize business systems for maximum profit
  • How to “train” visitors to come back over and over again
  • How to boost word-of-mouth
  • Key considerations when improving the layout of a Web site
  • James’ take on reader interaction and “commenting”
  • James’ testing approach and which software he uses to optimize results
  • How to dramatically increase e-mail subscriptions
  • And much, much more…

Until noon tomorrow (PST which is GMT -7,) this DVD Breakthrough In Internet Business Optimization is available for $35. After that the price will go up to the usual $100.

You can order the DVD at the following URL…

It is an area where James is very passionate about. He provides lots of gems in this private conversation.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and profit from it BIG time. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

6 Responses to 24 Hour Special

  1. TJS says:

    Hey.. good blog with good tips

  2. Mike says:


    I just ordered your 3rd DVD.
    I missed the 1st, and I am still looking forward to receiving your 2nd DVD.
    I was notified by Kunaki that it’s been shipped finally.

    Thanks again for videoing James.


  3. Alex says:

    Looks like I am too late for all of the DVD’s and $300 is way out of my reach for this information.

    Do you have any suggestions?



  4. Hi Mike,

    Don’t know where you live, but to Brazil for example it usually takes 2-3 weeks for DVDs to arrive. Also, the DVD manufacturer, Kunaki, notified me they’re currently experiencing a very heavy order flow, and that there may be delays in manufacturing and delivering time.

    So yes, your patience will be rewarded by a great video. ;-)


  5. Oops, Alex, you beat me to it. :-)

    Suggestion? Well, why not subscribe to the blog announcement list and receive notifications of future specials?


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