Surprising Traffic Generation SecretsSurprising Traffic Generation Secrets

Guaranteed Methods For Dramatically Increasing The Flood Of Visitors To A Site

“I Want More traffic!”

That’s a wish most Webmasters express, isn’t it? You have a great idea, you start building a Web site, you may even create a couple products, but then… without traffic you have no business, whether it’s online or off.

The DVD I’m releasing today (my birthday) is another high-profile conversation I had with James Brausch in Costa Rica in March. I tapped his brain and asked him which methods he uses to get 11,000 highly targeted visitors to his blog each and every day.

The entire conversation is, again, on video.

Until noon tomorrow (PDT, which is GMT -7) you get Surprising Traffic Generation Secrets for $35. After this 24 hour special the price will go up to $100.

Here is the link to order the “birthday DVD”…

—Marcus Hochstadt

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10 Responses to 24 Hour Special

  1. Hi Marcus, happy birthday! I wish you all the best.

  2. Gary Evans says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus!

    Thanks for the 24 hour special… I’ve just snatched up a copy.


  3. Dette says:

    Hi Marcus – very cool!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

  4. Fool says:

    Happy Birthday, where is the party gonna be… Oh yeah.

  5. Praveen says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus!

    Your birthday is only a couple of days before mine (April 23).

    I guess you are a fellow Tauran ;-)

  6. Marcus,
    All the best on your birthday and everyday. Save some cake for me. :D

  7. Justin says:

    A Happy Birthday to you Marcus!!! All the best from your No.1 Mentorship Program student ;)


  8. Thank you all.

    We’re going to go out now, eating in a nice churrascaria some traditional Brazilian food, including a couple Caipirinhas, of course. ;-)

    BTW, forgot to say but today is also our first anniversary.

    See ya!


  9. Fendi says:

    thanks for the EC..I also dropped mine..

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