While I was eagerly checking and waiting for my blog to break Alexa’s 50,000 mark (so I can celebrate this with you,) I found out Alexa changed its Ranking algorithm tonight


My blog’s Alexa Rank now dropped from 51,059 down to 174,666!

However, this will NOT hold me back from doing a party contest with you! I invited the Who’s Who of Entercard and some of my friends, and they are eagerly waiting to party with each other. Heck, they contributed grant prizes worth $6,000+ and more than 50,000ec! So…

Watch out for my announcement post! I’ll just have to reword a good deal to make it fit the current situation… ;-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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23 Responses to Alexa Changed Its Ranking Algorithm

  1. LeisaWatkins says:

    I was a little shocked when I checked my this evening and a little sad until I saw your post. I’m happy to know that it was an algorithm change and that I haven’t all of the sudden lost some readership. So thanks for the info.

  2. Yep, I reckon there are quite a few people checking their rank this evening, who’ll be sitting there with their jaw on the deck – I’m one of them!

    Today I anticipated my site’s rank reaching 65,000 and somehow I can’t get as excited about 204,726. :-(

    On the other hand, Marcus, I don’t think you’ll need to work too hard on the re-wording – any excuse for a party! :-)


  3. Tim says:

    This can’t have come at a worse time. Just finished a complete blog overhaul >< I went from 53,777 to 199,908!

  4. Pat King says:

    Thanks Marcus! I saw mine earlier and thought that my page would refresh from the previous site. I was patiently awaiting breaking the top 100 when…..WOW, back to the 200’s….yikes!

  5. Yeah, I assume we all dropped down quite a bit.

    Now, while I was checking a couple pops of our industry, they ALL lost a good deal, too! So now I’m wondering who “won,” who climbed up the rankings? :-)

  6. Mike says:


    It looks to me like they purposefully lowered the rankings of all internet marketers & business bloggers.
    It will come back and bite them.


  7. Well, I am not amused.

    My 3-months average ranking was 37k-ish, now 166k-ish with 11 April 2008’s daily ranking at 1.8m-ish, the 1-week and 1-month ain’t pretty either.

    Time to work out a different strategy to draw in traffic.

  8. Marty says:

    It stinks! My blog is fairly new but I was making quick and steady progress. This change just motivates me more. Upward and onward. I’m also looking forward to “the party.”

  9. iris says:

    This will be the next Google, After the spanking bloggers are not happy and now PR is like nothing at all (Sort of). Now Alexa hmmmp! let see what happen because i don’t think everyone is happy.

  10. indocontest says:

    i think it lucky for me. :P
    my alexa ranks jump from 217K to 168K today.
    so maybe im the one who happy here. LoL

  11. Tristan Bull says:

    It’s crazy these damn algorithm changes. I mean I don’t really see the overall point in making it more difficult for everyone. It’s so discouraging especially seeing BIG drops.

    But oh well, time to just get more determined :)


  12. Mirjam says:

    I´m sure you will get to the 50.000 soon so let´s start party!

  13. Margaret says:

    I saw mine go from 104k to 222k, so not as bad as some and not as good as others.

    I was feeling pretty cocky, too as I’ve worked darned hard to get my score to that level. It’s a bit of an ego crusher to have this happen.

    Maybe something nice will happen this weekend — like I’ll get PR finally (bwahhhaahhhaaahhaaahaaa!)


  14. Marie says:

    It was a bit of a surprise. I still don’t fully understand Alexa’s vague explanation that lots of their user’s wanted their algorithm changed. From what I can see, a lot of users are not very happy one bit at all!

  15. Canucklehead says:

    Sorry to hear you got burned – but, let the show go on!
    I checked last night and I seem to have been unaffected – maybe I’ll have to go take another look. All the best and see you at the party!

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  17. Alan says:

    I was at 102,xxx and looking forward to breaking into 5 digits and I shot back up to 160,xxx this time. feh

  18. Friends, all I can say is this…

    Let’s have a Party Contest! :-)


    It’s the best way to get over it, isn’t it? ;-)


  19. Andy says:

    Aww thats un lucky for your rank to drop that much well anyways hope that the party goes well.

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  23. i owned a tech blog.. i was anticipating that i am gearing towards 45000 ranking.. however sad to see i am ranked 340000 all of a sudden, and yet my mate who ran a political blog has his ranking up to 23000, which im pretty sure i have more traffic than him. Someone tell me, if alexa ranking is skewed now?

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