Myths And Truths About Internet Business SuccessMaking millions over the internet in the span of a single day might sound like a clichéd online business opportunity provider’s slogan, but countless people are drawn towards the same—each and every day—in hope of making lots of money in an instant. (Ever heard the term Instant Gratification?)

There are numerous myths surrounding the online business arena, and the most popular one has to be the idea that you can start an online business today, and wake up to be a millionaire the next morning.

It is true that the Internet allows for a quicker profit making than in the traditional offline business world because of its tremendous market potential and ease of use, but these profits are definitely not instant when you’re just getting started. You have to learn and work for your business; delegating enough time to build the basics, only then can you hope for success.

The foundation of any successful Internet business is laid once you have definitive goals for your business and a proper business plan (i.e., “Blueprint”) for achieving the same. For an online business to take off, you need to spend time creating Web sites for your company’s products or services and introduce the same to the Internet market in an effective manner. You should embark on intensive market research, look at similar businesses, gauge your competition, and build your own system of delivering products so as to ensure that you put that part on autopilot.

All this does not happen overnight; it takes time and patience. However, with the right approach and attitude, you are sure to gain initial success in the span of a few months or 1-2 years time.

Don’t let that discourage you though! Most people set short-term goals that are too high and long-term goals that are too low (or some even don’t have any long-term goal anymore because they haven’t accomplished their “too high” short-term goals!)

Have a BIG vision and then cut that down by creating small, VERY small short-term goals, tasks that seem to be too small to actually consider as goals!

Setting up your own business online means that you gain a lot of time for yourself. So the freedom and flexibility of work hours are definitely the most attractive aspects of building an Internet business. Apart from this, you are able to work literally from any part of the world, which means that you never have to look at work from any office again. You can work from the comforts of your own home, or from a holiday resort in the most distant parts of the world for that matter (like I myself currently from beautiful sunny north-east Brazil,) which means that work will not seem like work at all—it’s pure fun!

So the flexibility and convenience that an online business gives you are definitely true and not just myths.

However, when you’re just starting up your own online business, use a discerning intelligence to be able to differentiate between the myths and the truths. Learn from those who walk the talk and you will soon be on your way to owing a successful Internet business, too. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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6 Responses to Myths And Truths About Internet Business Success

  1. Marvin says:

    Congratulations on writing this great article and a great blog. You are promoting the same practical, realistic no nonsense approach to online marketing that I do.

    All marketers should read this carefully and take your advice heart. There are simply to many so called experts out there giving readers a false sense that marketing online is some kind of secret magic formula.

    You are one of the few actually tell it like it is. It takes information and effort applied in the right way to make money at any business, online or off.

    Your article on the power of focus is a must read for anyone who’s serious about doing business online. So to is the article Dreaming vs Achieving Goals.

  2. Thank you Marvin! Yes, some people need to wake up and realize it is not about buying product after product on how to make one million in one day, but about following a proven path in order to make a living online.

  3. @Marcus – First time visitor here and I really like your site.

    @Marvin – you said all that I wanted to. I second that! and I am going to go and check your site out too. The power of good comments!

  4. Cats says:

    Excellent post. Your ideas and writing – both are very good. Any business or profession requires lots of input, over a sustained period!

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    Setting your short term goals low is key. It keeps you feeling good and keeps you productive. If you are always failing to meet your short term goals you are never going to reach the long term one simply because you will give up.
    Great post!

  6. Enrique says:

    Interesting post and interesting site. I’ve seen quite a few that write about their success in blogging, yours has lots of fresh ideas. Nice layout too.

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