Bryan Reed investigated how I’m running my Internet business. Is he right in his theses?

One thing that is incorrect is that I made the last month’s $13,692.59 from (or with) my blog alone. It was a good part of it though.

Bryan suggests in order to double my profits I could utilize Clickbank and its affiliate network. Though I probably won’t do that since, as James taught me, the fraud rate would be too high. (How’s yours, Bryan?)

I agree with Bryan though that JVs are a powerful instrument. That is what I will focus on in the future, as well as on article marketing and other traffic generation methods.

More to come once it’s out (since I actually dislike yelling out what I’ll do; it’s more powerful to announce what is done or going on now.)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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2 Responses to Bryan Reed Investigated

  1. Bryan Reed says:

    Fraud meaning people buying by using their own clickbank ID – yes, a LOT, and refunds are relatively high compared to from other sources.

    It is a pain, but it does increase sales.

    I suggested Clickbank because it’s quick and easy. If you want to do it RIGHT, you should probably implement your own affiliate/JV program using something like or any of the other dozens of affiliate scripts out there, then implement interns or V. Assistants to find the JV’s and contact them for you.

    As I stated, in my other businesses, they account for 40-70% of my sales, depending on the niche, and it’s hard to justify not having some sort of program in place.

    Either way, once again, congrats, Marcus. Yet another James Brausch – grown superstar.

  2. Thanks for expanding on this topic, Bryan!


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