Are you in for education or for entertainment?Do you buy Internet business related products for education or for entertainment?

I figured there are two kinds of people in the Internet Marketing world… those who buy products that educate them and bring their Internet business to the next level, and those who buy products so they can read, listen to, or watch how something works. Then they talk about it (perhaps,) but put it on the shelf fairly quickly (after a couple hours or days) and without considerable action.

The first group is of those whose Internet business improves and thrives. The other group, the majority, is of those who are kind of addicted to buying product after product after product because “this one is different.” They think the product launch they’re following right now would really be THE key to succeed online. But once the dust and excitement of the product launch disappears their motivation and commitment (if there was any) vanishes as well.

It seems to be a hobby for them to collect products in their shelves and hard drives; to feel great to own this and that expensive item. But do they actually do something with the gained knowledge and tools?

Those who boost their Internet business are those who take at least one ingredient from a product or tool they purchased and put that into action IMMEDIATELY no matter what. They are eager to get the results it is supposed to bring. They wanna know if the product or tool delivers what it promised on the sales page. They care less about the actual cost of the item but about the positive effects it will bring to their Internet business.

They repeatedly look for ways to improve their bottom line.

Here’s a challenge…

Are you… no, to how many Internet Marketing newsletters are you subscribed to? I mean those that are merely set up to sell you something based on that Free Report you downloaded the other day, or the low-priced product you purchased the other night and they now want to sell you more, more, more in the upcoming weeks and months.

Take a look if you took any action based on what you purchased (other than thinking, planning, thinking, and planning.) If not, I encourage you to unsubscribe from those lists where you just read and purchased but did not do anything aside from staying within the vicious circle of thinking and planning. Focus on those that really teach you something; those where you found yourself putting something into action in order to bring your Internet business to the next level.

Or are you subscribed to a couple lists only to pick gems of wisdom that improve your productivity and profitability? If so, I congratulate you. You’re well on your way (but you know that anyway. ;-)

The key is to not slap yourself for all the purchases you did but to ACT upon it.

Go through the products and tools, one-by-one. Yes, pick only ONE for now, then start developing ideas based on what you read, listened to, or watched. How and what can you implement to your own Internet business? What do you think needs to be improved?

Do that; NOW!

–Marcus Hochstadt

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